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Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by Clarity3, Mar 22, 2018.

  1. Clarity3

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    I want to backup 'Taken 2 - Extended' version Region B and see with CloneBD, Titles 850 & 853 are for the theatrical version with a time of 1:32:07 and then there are Titles 854, 851, 406, 405, 404, 403, 402, 401 & 400 for the extended version with a time of 1:38:18.

    Using Speed Menus in AnyDVD HD shows two Titles, 800 (shorter version) & 801 (longer version), so no correlation.

    Please can someone tell me the correct titles shown in CloneBD for both theatrical and extended versions.
  2. Pete

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    Since you're using CloneBD - just look at the things, that's what the preview player is for.
    CloneBD usually hides doublets. AnyDVD picked 800 and 801 - then I'm pretty sure, 850 and 851 are the exact same thing, just with some additional language or so.
    Some discs are a complete mess authoring-wise. As this one seems to be.
  3. Clarity3

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    Thanks Pete. As you were replying I rembered that CloneBD will show titles that have one or possibly 2 alternative languages, while the titles I am after have the complete list of languages that I can remove. These are 850 & 851 as you predicted.