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  1. David Green

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    I have been trying to rip a region 1 copy of the movie 'Ruben Brandt Collector' but despite having RED Fox there to remove the Copyright Protection, I still can't see it in my Pavtube BDMagic software. If I open Explorer, the associated .VOD file is actually on the disc, but faded out so it can't be opened. It plays on a DVD Player OK, just not in a PC drive. The fine print on the back of the case cover does actually confirm that. However, I would have thought that Red Fox would have removed the copyright protection automatically and adjusted for the regional change.

    Has anyone else experienced this and is there a work-around?
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    Also, what's a .VOD file? I don't think I've ever heard of it before. .VOB is the Video OBject file that comprises DVD Video.
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    Sorry....just a typo. It is a VOB file
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    It's not. That's an image of the status info, not a logfile. Please read and follow the instructions.

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    That is not an AnyDVD log, that is a screenshot of the Status.

    From the "PLEASE read this before you post" sticky (that you were given the link to), #5:
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    How about now?

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    Much better. Can you rip to harddisk using AnyDVD ripper? If yes, use these files as the source for PAVtube or whatever. Or try using elby CloneDVD2.