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  1. ace2001

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    was just wondering if anybody knows copyright laws in canada cause was told you can not even back up movie that you own by a cop so was just wondering anyone know and is there website to see copyright laws for canada
  2. deaacs

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    That would sound right to me. The USA created their millennium copyright act, which was a joint-venture with other countries also wanting to pass applicable laws, and if Canada has a free trade agreement with the US then it's likely that the USA required a similar law to be passed in Canada which would essentially make the circumvention of DRM technology illegal.
  3. Crusher

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    I'm not sure exactly what our policies are in regards to copyright laws in Canada. I backup my movies and I haven't been arrested yet (knock on wood). I believe Canada's copyright laws are old and becoming outdated so there is nothing that specifically relates to DVD's. We haven't accepted the DMCA (thank god) so you should be safe. I read somewhere that you have a right to backup your movies a certain amount of times before it is considered to be pirating, but the DMCA says you can't crack the protection (go figure). Since we don't have it, backup as much as you want, I do. :agree:
  4. Webslinger

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    No. That's not true.

    It's not illegal in Canada to circumvent a technological protection measure to access and use content for a personal backup--unless something similarly inane like Bill C-60 is tabled and passes.

    Since it is not illegal in Canada to circumvent a technological protection measure to access and use content for a personal backup, the individual or business granting the license can not turn around and sue successfully without breeching someone's right to make that backup--unless something akin to the inane measures outlined in Bill C-60 passes (and this doesn't just apply to the special music case of having to pay levies for blank media). As such, I cannot believe any Canadian court would bother listening to any company, business, individual or group whine about an individual backing up a product he or she bought for personal, non-commercial, non-distribution purposes--until something similar to the Liberal party's Bill C-60 passes.

    If you're interested in doing something pro-active in Canada, visit
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  5. ace2001

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    thanks for all your responses made me little nervous cause i think one of my kids told the cop i burned movies and i always thought was legal to backup movies you own
  6. ace2001

    ace2001 Well-Known Member

    is there any law that police can charge you with for backing up movies. I thought the company could just sue you. I have heard of people being arested but they mass produce movies and also sell them. I just back up movies so kids dont destroy them lol. I did that thing webslinger and emailed them about bill c60. I find this topic very interesting.
  7. pedroggg

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    Don't worry

    If you start selling and make money. Yes, you can be in trouble. But I'm talking about a lot of money like a regular full time job...:agree:
  8. Crusher

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    I cannot think of a charge they can give you on the spot, especially here in Canada. People do get arrested, but they are the real piraters that probably rent, copy, and duplicate, then sell for a profit. Lots of them also use internet P2P sites to distribute movies before they are released (that's also how they get caught ;)) which puts a dent in the companies profits for that movie and that is why they are targeted by Police. As Web said, no court in Canada will care if you make a back-up of your own movies for your own personal use. In fact, it's your right. :agree:
  9. ace2001

    ace2001 Well-Known Member

    I know at the flea market where i live they sell pirated copies and so obvious but they never get busted and on native reserve they sell theatre version movies for like $15 each dont know why people would even buy them just wait til they come out on dvd then go buy it thanks everyone for your responses.
  10. Webslinger

    Webslinger Retired Moderator

    That you legally bought and own? No. Not in Canada. Not yet anyway

    Selling them? Yes

    And I remember reading an article about stores in a mall in Canada that got busted for selling pirated discs.
  11. ace2001

    ace2001 Well-Known Member

    yes that you own i meant I never read any yet except one in toronto but they had alot of computers spitting out tons of movies
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