Copying the Rosetta Stone Language CDs


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Jan 29, 2007
This software costs a bundle ($500+) and I do not want to scratch my investment. And Rosetta Stone said they'll only replace scratched CDs if I send them in. Help.

I googled "copy Rosetta Stone software" and I've poured over the active threads on this at CD Freaks, Alcohol, and Daemon Tools for a couple weeks. Tried everything they've suggested. Made several backups of both the application and language CDs. But it still doesn't work.

Regardless if I use the CDs or if I mount the images via a virtual drive, it just does not work. One of three things happens when I try to run the software.

1. The drive tries to spin up the CD, but hangs forever at the Rosetta Stone splash screen.
2. Same as 1. except I get an error indicating that the correct CD is not found, insert, and click OK.
3. A Macromedia Projector error appears and program exits immediately before loading.

The forums indicate that the discs are protected with Safedisc 2/3 copy protection. Again, I've made "successful" backups and images using SlySoft's unbeatable software and the application (install) CD works fine. But the language CDs do not. Anyone had any luck with this software?
CloneCD & Rosetta Stone Language CD

I too am having the same trouble with CloneCD and this software. I have tried to read using all the profiles and using both my Philips DVD Burner and my Samsung CD Burner, with the "Hide CD Media" enabled and disabled and I get a stream of, "Failed to read Sector" messages on the read log. The end result is the same splash screen message telling me to reload the CD.

Are there any concrete solutions to this? Which read/write profile is recommended here (I am thinking Multimedia CD makes the most sense,) and should there be any other setting changes? I have tried the other profiles with no improvement.

Thanks to anyone who can help!

Can't Read Sectors

Did you use the "Amplify" or "Emulate" weak sectors as well as Hide CDR Media options? See Below from Help file from CloneCD:

Use "Emulate weak sectors", if you don't know if your CD writer supports correct EFM encoding. This feature works with any SAO or DAO CD writer. To use an "emulated" backup, you need an installed CloneCD with "Hide CDR Media" enabled.