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    The DVD Goldfinger has an additional documentary; The Making of Goldfinger".
    When I copied it separately from the movie on another disc, I wasn't able to play it back. The process went fine, no errors. I tried it twice, but nothing. I can see something was burned on the disc, but another DVD player and a external DVD player doesn't see any recording.

    I then tried it with the menu this time (Preserve Menus) which I never use (no use for it with just the movie AFAIC) and by selecting the additional material it played.

    What's up with this??

    (BTW; I do have the latest CloneDVD2 & AnyDVD)
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    @ videobruce,

    Perchance don’t you have a very similar Active Thread over at the CDFreaks CloneDVD Forum concerning your problem with copying “The Making of Goldfinger”?

    It appears that you are NOT using the “Clone DVD – Clone A DVD Including All Titles and Menus" option but are attempting to use the “Clone DVD Titles - Copy One Or More DVD Titles” option. There is a difference and if you desire your “The Making of Goldfinger” DVD backup copy to function exactly like your original Commercial “The Making of Goldfinger” DVD Movie disk then you need to use the “Clone DVD – Clone A DVD Including All Titles and Menus" option when you make your backup copy.

    Perhaps it would be beneficial if you closely reviewed both the AnyDVD and CloneDVD User Guides to fully understand to proper use of this software program combination. This close review of the AnyDVD and CloneDVD User Guides will also most likely answer your other Forum inquires concerning DVD Audio stream selection questions.

    AnyDVD User Guide ->

    CloneDVD User Guide ->

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    Yes to your first question, as I always look for more than one source of input. I suppose that was you?

    I always uncheck "Preserve Menus" when I use the program. As I stated, I see no use for this since I uncheck everything but the movie. In this cae, when I went to backup the added 'feature', it was done on a separate disc.
    It doesn't seem to be a AnyDVD or CloneDVD issue as there is no error shown with either program.
    It appears to be related to the disc itself as I just did the same thing with another movies' extra material and it played ok.

    BTW, I did look over that link you provided, but it didn't really tell me the difference between the two options. Also, I have done over 75 DVDs' so far and this is the 1st time this has happened.
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    @ videobruce,

    I visit a couple of different Web Forums. No I am not the same person.

    Unfortunately there isn’t a hard fast DVD Authoring standard used by the Commercial DVD Movie Manufactures and if you want your DVD backup copy to perform and function exactly like the original Commercial DVD Movie the best fool proof means is to use the “CloneDVD option -> Clone DVD – Clone a DVD Including All Tiles And Menus” which doesn’t alter the original DVD Movie menus configuration.

  5. videobruce

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    I understand that, but this is just for a single entry (program). Not multiple entries. Why would I want that annoying menu for one program??
    Surely didn't have any of that for VCR tapes for the past 25 years. ;)