Copying m2ts with explorer

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  1. stefan20

    stefan20 Well-Known Member

    hi guys,

    i've got a question about copying m2ts files with windows explorer.

    I turn on anydvd. i browse to the folder bdmw-stream on my blu ray disc (in windows explorer). In this folder i select the movie stream, e.g. 00001.m2ts and copy it to my HDD (simple copy/paste).

    Will the disc protection of the m2ts file be removed while copying it to hdd ? So i'll get a "free" m2ts file on my hdd ? ;)

    Or do i need to use the ripping function from anydvd ?


    btw: my school english isnt the best 8)
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  2. Turtleggjp

    Turtleggjp Well-Known Member

    Yes, it will be removed, as long as AnyDVD is running.
  3. stefan20

    stefan20 Well-Known Member

    Thx Turtleggjp for quick answer.

    It's faster to copy only one m2ts file then ripping a whole 50 gb disc ;)

    So protection will also be removed, if i create a new blu ray with TSMuxer from original blu ray ?
  4. Turtleggjp

    Turtleggjp Well-Known Member

    Yes, anything that reads those files will be reading unprotected files. The AnyDVD ripper is just for those that do not have a UDF 2.5 driver installed (Windows 2000 or Windows XP x64 users).
  5. jamd1

    jamd1 Active Member

    If your intention is to make a new bluray from the one m2ts file then you can run tsmuxer directly on the dvd file - saves copying to hdd first.
  6. stefan20

    stefan20 Well-Known Member

    thx guys.

    yes jamd, that's my intention ;)