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    I feel stupid for asking this but is there a way of copying HD movies? I have an xbox 360 and the HD dvd player attachment. What is the idea behind using the xbox hd dvd player with the computer? Can you use it to somehow copy movies to the xbox without burning them to disc? I bought the anydvd hd upgrade but what is it used for without a clone hd type program? I have bought blank hd discs and feel as if I made a huge mistake by jumping in before testing the water. Any help with this issue is much appreciated.
  2. mick2006

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    I'm afraid you did-there aren't any hd dvd burners yet (except those that come in a specific toshiba laptop). The xbox add on hd drive when attached to a pc is simply for ripping the HD DVD to the computer's hard drive and then playing the movie back using powerdvd or nero showtime using the pc. At this point in time it is (to my knowledge) impossible to burn an HD DVD backup disc.
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    Something is not working with my Xbox 360 hd player. When I hook up to pc it says found new hardware but then it says that it does not recognized it I have d/l the driver that people say to d/l with no luck.
    I am running anydvdHD with power dvd 7.3
    Windows XP
    Media Center
    Service Pac 2
    HP Pavillion
    AMD 64x2 dual processor
    1.79 GHz 960mb of ram
    Integrated ATI Radeon Express 200 Graphics
    Any help would be great to solve this problems.
    Thanks 77racer
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    yea i had the same problem , all i did was re connect it to the xbox 360 console and it downloaded the latest updates that way , then i just re connected it to the pc and now it works , you dont get the update message , and the pc just exepts it.:)
  5. 77racer

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    thanks I will give it a try.:)
  6. 77racer

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    Still have the same problem. Hooked it up to my laptop and it will work but the movie will stop after a few seconds I guess it is not strong enough to play it
  7. 77racer

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