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Copying DVDs made with LG RH4820S TV Recorder

The Seahawk

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Jan 28, 2007
Hi folks,

copying DVDs for private purposes with CloneDVD is running smoothly for me as long as the source DVD is an original feature film from my book shelf.
But I happen to use a stand-alone LG DVD recorder to record from TV. If I try to copy the DVDs I made with this stand-alone recorder, reading stops after the first seconds of film and CloneDVD reports, the disc is not properly mastered. The preview still works absolutely fine, but copying stops with an "unexpected error" message (in german "Unerwarteter Fehler").

Does someone have any idea what's the problem?:confused:

Please excuse my english, I am native german speaking ;)
I have an Isignia DVD/VCR combo which is a rebadged LG. I have been recording to DVD+RWs in VR mode. I then use CloneDVD to copy and burn to DVD+R. When CloneDVD starts to process the disc it's says:

"Found & Corrected IFO Format Errors. Fixed Philips DVD Recorder Generated IFO Files"

It then copies to the harddrive just fine! After which I burn to a DVD+R and then reuse the DVD+RW for the next TV recording.

Sorry if this does not help you any.


I do record from the internal hard drive of the LG to DVD-R media. It happens occasionally that I need to copy some of these discs for a friend of mine. Most often I do not use VR mode, I do use the Video mode. Trying to copy those discs I get the error message mentioned above. Every time I try I get this message. Obviously no correction of any error is possible, reading stops immediately after the error message and may not be continued. CloneDVD tells some possibilities for the "unexpected error", one of them is a not properly mastered disc.

The discs CloneDVD does not copy do in fact run in any of my stand-alone DVD-players and they also work in my PC using PowerDVD XP.

I CAN copy the discs with CloneCD 5! But not with CloneDVD 2.