copying dvd titles


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i normally just clone the dvd when backing up.
but when choosing the 'copy dvd titles' option,how come there are 5 long titles to choose from?i take it the main film is the one with 19 chapters?
as you can see the first 5 listed titles are 90mins approx-how come 2 are showing as having 10 chapters,2 more have 11 chapters and 1 has 19 chapters?why is title 4 with 10 chapters 1hr 31mins 16secs long,yet title 1 with 19 chapters is 1hr 29mins 3secs long?


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Clicking on the preview button as opposed to the information button will let you see the video of these titles.(with no audio)
There could be wide screen and full screen on the disk, or it could be different angles of the same movie. (if different angles are present you will not see any degradtion of the quality meter by checking more than one.)