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Copying directories in Clone DVD


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Aug 14, 2007
Clone DVD works great but I can not figure out how to copy directories from my source DVD other than the obvious AUDIO_TS and VIDEO_TS. My DVDs have support material on the DVD as additional directories and these are being ignored by Clone DVD. Anyone have any ideas?
clonedvd is specifically made to copy dvd-video disks. because of that it will only recognize those two folders. to see them you will have to use a different program (such as nero) or use clonecd to make an exact copy of the whole disc (no selections possible).
I am using a DVD video disc. Are you suggesting that Clone CD will clone DVDs as well?
yes, it will clone them in their entirety (the exception being that movies wont have protection if anydvd is running).

so if you have a movie and anydvd running it will make an exact copy of all the data on the disc as it sees it. this is good if you dont need quality reduction (ie dvd9 > dvd5) or you dont just want a specific part (such as ripping only the main movie).