Copying back ups larger than 4.7 in movie mode


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Jan 30, 2007
TO begin with this feature is a fantastic addition to the sevices already provided. I really congratulate the people at SLy with a big, Right on. My problem is that if I make a back up copy of a movie that is over the 4.7 gigs of the DVD's capability, I am forced to switch into a file mode and copy in two sections. That would not be a problem if I could maintain the transfer in the movie mode but I am forced, with my level of understanding, to copy it as a file form. WHich presents a series of unwaned problems, could someone please explain or confirm if there is another way to make the transfer without changing the format? Thank you and wish everyone a great time...Dada. Eamils would be warmly appreciated and if there is anything that I could be of service please let me on dog traning or photograph...especially dog training since this is my main work field.
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Use CloneDVD2 (Free Trial) and it will compress a 2 1/2 to 3 hour onto a DVD-R with good quality. Watch the bar at the bottom to make sure that it doesn't drop below 70-80%. You can always remove some of the extra languages, trailers, etc to get to that point if exceeded.
sounds like your using DVD Decrypter? if so use ISO read then ISO write not the file mode.

your best bet is to use clonedvd 2 + anydvd this will compress the movie file to a DVD-5 or you could use a DVD-9 and have no compression.

sounds like you could use some guides to help you out follow theses step by step

remember to use good blank media (Taiyo Yuden and or Verbatim) and burn no faster than 8x and 4x starting out would be great
DVD Shrink

DVD Shrink is your's free and still available on the web. Just google to find a site to download. It is a great re-authoring tool, automatically compresses to fit 4.7G DVDs. I lije the movies only and it allows you to backup titles only at a better compressio rate
You could also use a dual layer disc and copy the whole movie without any compression. The other solution is to use the scissors in clonedvd and split the movie onto 2 discs with zero compression.

I will not put a movie on one disc if it falls below 70%. Blanks are cheap enough why ruin a good movie with too much compression ?
some people have older TV sets and you really can't tell the difference between 70% compression and 50% . i use a DL if it falls below 85% myself