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  1. waltmax

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    One film company claims: "Our DVDs are "anti-piracy encoded. If you copy and distribute any part of it,
    we can trace the video clip directly to your home computer."

    Is this technologically possible, or just a scare against copying?
  2. oldjoe

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    Copying and distributing copyrighted material is illegal. Don't distribute it and you will have no reason to be concerned.
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  3. waltmax

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    Yes, I'm thinking that a backup copy would be okay.
  4. Bunnyrip2

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    It sounds like the company is using the infamous "Root Kit" which would enable them to see you have copied it to your hard drive, with AnyDVD running, it will prevent installation of the "root kit". Just a thought to ponder. There has been many "myths on DVD protections, including someone stating that a certain company had a "chip" in their disc that transmitted data about your PC to them. LOL! NOT!:disagree:
  5. resnick

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    You are making a "Back Up" copy for archivial purposes only. You cannot sell or distribute media, that is illegal!:bowdown:
  6. waltmax

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    Hooray for AnyDVD !