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    I wasnt sure where to post this. If im in the wrong location please notify me... I have an XBOX 360 with 10 games for my kids. However the kids are 8 and 6 and always scratching the discs or touch them with sticky fingers. Replacing games is getting expensive. Is there a program that allows me to back up my existing dics? It can be on dvd, blu ray, usb drive, etc. Im not picky just hate spending $50 on a game and having it destroyed weeks later..
    is their a program that just copies them or do I need to have my xbox modifed (which I dont know how to do)

    Thank You
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    X Box games

    Wii games i know a fair bit about, X-box rather limited limited.

    As i understand it you need to have your unit chipped and the method is to transfer wireless between the X-box and the PC and then burn a disk.

    Check out afterdawn web site, plenty of information there.

    Having read recently about some one connecting an X-box dvd driveto PC, who knows, may be other ways of doing it.
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    A backup software allows the user to back up the games without tinkering with the hardware. And this does not void the warranty of the Xbox. The software makes exact back ups of games. The difference of the back up software from ordinary DVD burning software is that the ordinary software cannot make working copies of the games because it cannot avoid the copyright encryption.