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    I have searched this forum and can't seem to find the answer. After riping to Hard Drive with anydvd HD. Can you now copy all files to Blue Ray Disk and play on Blue Ray Player.I only seem to see that you can play files on PC. If AnyDVD HD is the same as AnyDVD except converts HD instead of SD DVD's this should be possible. Thanks
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    You can't have looked far as this has been gone over many times on here. With the exception of BD+ movies as long as you keep the file structure the same and make sure the UDF is set to 2.5 then you can write the film back to disc and play in most set top players. I'd suggest getting a few re-writables and giving it a try
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    Copy to Blue Ray

    I have not seen anyone yet since Feb 10th list a how to copy a Blue Ray DVD and back up to up to Blue Ray. Everything seems to be geared towards watching on PC with PowerDVD. Point to one thread that explains this in detail.