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Copy Software on DVD


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Jan 28, 2007
I want to make a back up copy of a software program on DVD.
It is protected with securom.

I have a license 4 anyDVD and Clone DVD so the latest versions but the copies (witch i can make) do not work.

Is AnyDVD and Clone DVD not able to copy it (yet)?

Bey 4 now,
umm if you say its a software dvd then why do you use clonedvd? clonedvd is for making replicas of movies :p

i wrote some reply to a ScuROM topic here: http://forum.slysoft.com/showthread.php?t=26

securom can be bypassed, even the new v7... there are 2 solutions for this that i know of but the 2nd is a pain in the a**

1. is to make a 1:1 copy like you would with the older versions which can easily be backed up... then if you have an older less sensitive drive (have one from my first pc) you can actually read the data on the disc...

2. is to try to trick the SecuROM's main strength.. the Data Positioning System... you can do this by using a so called Twin-Creator or Twin-Peak-Creator which will try to place the data burned on the backup as it was placed on the original disc so that secuROM wont figure it out.

to use a Twin-Creator is not easy though as you must specify the sector step which variates on readers/writers... and it could take many attempts before you find your reader/writer's step.. once you found it youll know it for later backups though.

the Twin-Creator i've used the most is the one included in the now abandoned A-Ray copy protection scanner... i have it hosted so you can get it here if you need it:


oh yes and if you arent looking for an actual real disc copy then the trick by just saving all the files the disc contain into a RAR archive (any archive of your choice will do) and then simply unpack and install when you need it... then use a no-cd fix to play or another emulating software... there is quite a few SecuROM killers around the net which can trick the latest version