Copy/Rip tool detected (Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger)

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    The below message is immediately given when attempting to play the movie, "Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger" from my HTPC, part of the Sinbad Trilogy box set. (A couple of the special features involve playing the movie as well. The message is given in those scenarios also.)

    "Copy detected (or a rip tool is running if you are trying to watch this movie on your PC)."

    I had every option enabled under "AnyDVD HD\Settings\Video Blu-ray". Just for grins I set AnyDVD HD back to the "Default" settings and tried again. The issue persisted. This happens both when playing the physical disc or when playing a backup (BDMV) from my harddisk.

    DISC.INF details...
    version=AnyDVD HD (BDPHash.bin 18-12-06)

    Disabling AnyDVD HD did allow for playing the movie without issue. In any event, the needed disc details and log file provided below.

    The Sinbad Trilogy (UPC: 5037899069912)
    Title: Sinbad and the Eye of the Tiger
    Disc ID: 6106285581664A49 [SINBAD EYE OF THE TIGER V2]
    Indicator: The Sinbad Trilogy - LE
    Amazon (UK): The Sinbad Trilogy (Limited Edition)

    Note: This is the corrected disc (...also available via a disc replacement program) which started shipping with copies 4,001 to 6,000 of the box set. Log file attached below.
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    Welcome to the world of screenpass protection. @Pete Will need to get to work on this. With the logfile you provided, it shouldn't take very long :)

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    I'll fix that right away for you - I just need one more log file from that disc, please create and post that now. Thanks.
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    Here you go Pete. Thanks!
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    Now it should be OK.
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    I've confirmed. The correct playlist (349) is being identified now. I'm able to play the movie as a result. Many thanks!
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