"Copy Protection" with Divergent BR

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    I usually burn films on verbatim BluRay discs. Yesterday I made Divergent (Italian). But playback stops after starting the movie from the main menu. A message appears, that tells me that the movie can not be played because not original. This happens both on LG BR/DVD player and on my PC (with ArcSoft Total Media Theatre).

    Now I'm trying again, eliminating clips shorter of 30sec.....

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  2. Hackerjac

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    That won't help, your disc have screenpass protection, you did good with providing a logfile, now just wait untill someone from from the team fix it for you

    well just looked at the logfile myself, you need to make a logfile from the original disc and upload it here
  3. Nirvana

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    You're right: I had no success. I'll wait. Thanks!!
  4. Hackerjac

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    but you still need to provide a logfile from the original disc, the one you have uploaded is from an already ripped disc
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    You need to use the original disc.