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copy movies from hardrive


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Feb 17, 2007
Can I copy an existing movie or video from my hard drive to a blank DVD?
More Detail

Need a little more detail. Do you have ISO files you want transferred or AVI or MPEG? Movie format would dictate to some degree what program to use and how to use it.
thanks, I am new at this but determined
I have both mpeg and avi
mpg and avi are a horse of a differant color they will have to be converted to a format that your dvd player can understand:doh:
So what would it take program wise to convert them over?
Is there a Guide anywhere on how to do it?
Are there any free avi to dvd converters? All the trial ones I have tried leave an advertising logo in the middle on the screen. WinAVI and DVDSanta are the 2 I have tried. I liked the DVDSanta due to easy and differentr things you could do. Win avi was fast.
if there is a free program try www.nonags.com personally i purchased a program called super dvd creator and it works great the only free program i have ever used is dvdshrink since then i purchased them all