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    Do you need a transformer ?
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    Clonecd is intended for 1:1 backups (that means the copyprotection should also be on the backup).
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    Cactus Data Shield (CDS) is a form of copy control for audio compact discs developed by Midbar Tech, now owned by Macrovision. There are several types, commonly described as CDS100, CDS200 and CDS300. However, there are about seven subtly different versions of CDS200. CDS200 discs are usually labeled as 'copy controlled' (CCCD). (They are officially not designated CDs). CDS300 discs are labeled as 'content protected'. CDS300 discs cannot be ripped by iTunes in particular. However, they contain copies of the music in low bit-rate WMA format, which can be burned to a CD no more than three times.

    CDS300 was rebranded 'Totalplay' in 2005 and contained a Windows CD software driver that denied access to the audio portion of the music disc. Apple computers were immune to CDS300. However, it could still be ripped on the Windows platform by using the Musicmatch player and others.

    CDS100 is incompatible with many CD players, particularly car CD players, which generated negative press around 2002. The company claims this was fixed in (modern versions of) CDS200, despite many users reporting otherwise.
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    Great explanation --- Thank you :clap:
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    Thanks to Wikipedia. :clap::D