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ConvertXtoDVD Software

I don't have BluRay but I can vouch for the ConvertXToDVD software...I've been using it since the very beginning days when it was released as freeware test versions. :) If they claim to add BR support, I'd suggest trying it out. There should be a trial version available.
Dont have a BluRay here either, but VSO makes gr8 softwares. Been using Blindwrite, ConvertXtoDVD and CopyToDVD for some time and they got my recommendation.
I have to concur with both SamuriHL and Barough. I, too, lack a Blu-Ray but having been a longtime and happy user of ConvertXToDVD then I have to say if they claim to support BR in their release notes then I believe it. As SamuriHL said try a trial and see if it works for you. :)
As a VSO gold member, I'm hoping they add HD-DVD support next. That'd be REALLY sweet. You might ask why I'd want to convert an HD-DVD to a regular DVD...well, I have kids. And they don't have HD-DVD players yet. So it'd be nice if I could convert to DVD so they could watch the movies on their own players. I'm still trying like mad to avoid BR, though...I just do NOT want to see Sony win on this one.
I have tried ConvertXtoDVD for the very first time yesterday. Just for the hell of it. It worked a treat, no complains after viewing the created DVD. So far so good...(*crosses his fingers*)
Yes, it's great at what it does. Too bad it has to violate the GPL to do it. :(