Converting NTSC-DVD to PAL-VCD

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How many people have tried converting a NTSC DVD to a PAL VCD using Clone DVD Mobile?

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  1. abmainkyakaron

    abmainkyakaron New Member

    I have the latest version of Clone DVD Mobile installed (v.

    I am trying to convert one of my NTSC-DVD (The Secret) to a PAL-VCD for an overseas friend to view. It seems that I am able convert the file but the resultant .mpg file is 900 MB.

    How can I possibly get this on a CD which has a capacity of 700 MB?
    I do not want to split up the file and burn the same on two CDs.

    When the conversion process is taking place the size of the file can be varied according to the video quality. I tried saving the file in many sizes (695 MB, 650MB and 565 MB) so that it conforms with the CD capacity but the resultant .mpg file is always 900 MB.

    Is there a bug in the conversion process that in spite of showing the smaller file size in the Clone DVD Mobile program, it ends up creating a much larger final file?

    Please let me know if I am doing something wrong, or that I need another software to do this.

    I have AnyDVD running on my PC and am using Clone DVD Mobile. Also, I have Nero to burn the CD. Would I need Clone DVD or Clone CD to accomplish my task?

    I also tried using Nero to convert the DVD to a PAL DVD or a PAL VCD but had no luck.:confused:

    Any advice would be much appreciated.

    Has anyone else tried such a conversion?