Converting HD-DVD to Blu-Ray

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    Yes I know this is the thin end of the wedge (so to speak) but given the prophets of doom are out pronouncing the iminent demise of HD-DVD (for which I am greatly saddened), does anyone have a developed method to convert my existing HD-DVD titles to the Blu-Ray format?

    Any help appeciated.

    .....and yes just going and buying Blu-Ray replacements is an option I've thought about!
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    there are so much threads about converting hd-dvd to blu-ray. every second day theres a new thread about it.
    if you use the the search function you should find the answer..
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    HD-DVD to Blu-Ray Conversion Guide

    Software Required

    EVOdemux (free)
    tsMuxeR (free)
    TsRemux (free)

    If your HD-DVD is AVC H.264
    H264Info (free)

    If your HD-DVD is VC-1
    vc1conv v0.2 (v0.1 won't work)

    If you want to compress the HD audio track to save space
    eac3to (free)
    Nero HD-DVD/Blu-Ray Plugin (commercial £15.99) ONLY works with Nero v7
    Sonic Cineplayer DVD Decoder Pack (commercial £9.99)

    If you haven't got a Blu-Ray burner
    TSSplitter (free)

    for burning...
    IMGBurn (free)
    Nero 8 (commercial £49.99)


    This Guide assumes you have already ripped the HD-DVD movie to your hard disk in .EVO format and have the above
    software installed. Due to potential piracy issues this Guide will not go into HD-DVD ripping or how to obtain
    the software listed above.

    1. Load up EVOdemux and open the first .EVO file from your HVDVD_TS folder (ie. FEATURE_1.EVO)

    Select the Video/Audio tab and make sure you only have one tick in the box and one tick in the highest quality audio track available (truehd > dtshd > dd+).

    Select the Subpicture tab and remove all ticks.

    Finally click on Demux to generate a video .mpv file and an audio .mpa file. It might be a good idea at this point to rename these files into
    something more meaningful and move them to an easy to find place like c:\videos. You should also rename the audio.mpa to ( > audio.dts > audio.dd+).

    2. If your video file is AVC H.264 goto 2a, if it's VC-1 then goto 2b

    2a. Load up H264info and select your video.mpv file as the source. Select an output File name (ie. c:\videos\video1.mpv).
    Put a tick in the Remove pulldown box and enter an Output frameRate as 23.976
    Click on Start

    2b. It would be a good idea at this point to rename your video.mpv to video_original.vc1.
    Click start > run and type in cmd. Click ok.
    In the MS-DOS window navigate to your vc1conv folder and run the command:
    vc1conv c:\videos\video_original.vc1 c:\videos\video.vc1

    3. Click start > run and type in cmd. Click ok.
    In the MS-DOS window navigate to your eac3to folder and run the command:

    (NOTE: If your video was VC-1 then you need to add -StripPulldown at the end of the command)

    for truehd:-
    eac3to "c:\videos\" "c:\videos\audio.ac3" -libav -640 {-StripPulldown if working with VC-1}

    for dtshd:-
    eac3to "c:\videos\audio.dts" "c:\videos\audio.ac3" -sonic -640 {-StripPulldown if working with VC-1}

    for dolby digital plus:-
    eac3to "c:\videos\audio.dd+" "c:\videos\audio.ac3" -nero -640 {-StripPulldown if working with VC-1}

    4. Load up tsMuxeR and add in your video file from H264Info or vc1conv and your audio file from eac3to. Change the fps to 24000/1001.
    Select .ts muxing and enter an Output filename (ie. c:\videos\video.ts)
    Click on Start muxing

    If you haven't got a Blu-Ray burner and want to make DVD-5 or DVD-9 AVCHD discs then you need to cut the .ts file into smaller segments.
    Load up TSSplitter and import your video.ts file. Select wish disc you wish to create (DVD-5 or DVD-9) and click go but DONT click start.
    Now, this next part might sound weird but it's the best way of making everything work....especially if you are working with VC-1 as they don't like being split into multiple parts. In the middle part of TSSplitter make a note of each discs start time. Now exit out of TSSplitter.

    5. Load up TsRemux and drag in your video.ts file created from tsMuxer. Put a tick next to both the video and audio and
    select Blu-Ray as the Output Format. It might be a good idea to change the chapter points to 10min intervals. If you have a Blu-Ray burner click on Remux. If you want to author to a DVD-5 or a DVD-9 AVCHD you need to alter the Trim Beginning and the Trim End to achieve the correct output filesize. Use the start times you got from step4.

    6. Load up Nero and choose either Blu-Ray / DVD UDF disc. Manually change the UDF version to be 2.5. You want to turn multisession off and close the disc. Drag both your BDMV and CERTIFICATE folders to your disc structure and burn. This is the same process for BD-R/BD-RE/DVD-5/DVD-9 etc etc


    With this guide you don't get menus(which is impossible to get), subtitles(after VC-1 is done people may care about that), and only one audio stream which you pick (after subtiles are done people may care about that).

    Some steps of this guide might look so if you do things twice or something like that, but if you follow every step of it, you can be sure the result will be in sync and the picture isn't reencoded the audio is(with Sonic filters so that is good enough). You really can live with the quality.

    If somebody has ideas to improve the guide. Feel free to post them. I will try to reproduce them and then I will discuss them with the author of that gudie. Especially ideas on how to implement subtitles and how get more audio streams(and that you can pick which you like in PowerDVD) ate welcome.
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    Excellent, thanks.
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    excellent works.. thank you now i can convert transformer. if it is not vc-1
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    most of the hd-dvd movies are VC1, so converting is useless for the most tiles..
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    Don't thank me for this guide thank the developers of the tools and the author of the guide.

    The new release of vc1conv (version 0.2) came out today, so it should be now possible to use this guide also for VC-1 HDDVD. Just use the new version of vc1conv to convert your video stream(from evo demux) to 23.97 fps and 1080p. And then follow the guide normal. I don't know for sure that it works, I am testing it right now. If it works I will update the guide.


    Guide Updated for VC-1 support.
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    Guide has been updated again. Hope you enjoy it.
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    First let me say that Blu-Ray is still the devil, but my drive is ordered and on its way. Stupid Sony. Anywho, would it be possible after you remux to you ts file to then try importing that file into Nero Vision and exporting it to a 720p file? I can once my drive gets here just wondering if you could try. I am sure the video will work but maybe since the remuxed ts file woulf only have ac3 the audio would work this time as well?
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    Hi all, this is my first post :)

    I've found and successfully tried the method suggested here
    It is a little bit different but i'm not sufficiently skilled to say where is the major
    point of differentiation.
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    The price of Sonic Scenarist 4.2 would itself be the major differentiator

    Probably just cheaper to go buy the Blu-Ray discs as replacement

    .....or use the method outlined above
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    i can't found a program

    vc1conv v0.2
    you say it's free. where can i found this program? thanks
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    The guide you say has two major differences. The first is that you need Scenarist which is very expensive for the muxing progress. We use Tsmuxer because it is free. The second one is that this guide you mention does not delete the pulldown. This can end up in problems with some players.

    By the way the VC-1 support isn't that good we thought. We have some playback issues of the converted Blu ray on the PS3. We are working on this. We think it has something to do with audio. Somebody claims he got to work it by using another programm and with muxing it together with Scenarist. I don't like it to use scenarist so we'll find a other way. If I have some new on this topic I will tell you.
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    I tried DonCarlos way with my Lost in translation HD DVD, and the resulting blu-ray then works fine on the PC with PowerDVD, but when I burn it to a BD-RE disc and play it on the PS3 I get a little stutter in the video and no sound.

    There is one unclear thing in the guide, do you absolutely have to go thru with step 3 and use eac3to on the original DD audio track? or is that only if you for some reason want to compress the audio track to save space?
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    Could this be the playback issues I get to? Lost in translation is VC-1
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    This could be the playback issue with the little stuttering. But you should get at least the sound. Yes you should do step 3. I know it compresses the audio but it is still Dolby Digital 5.1, but then the audio works. Hope to get this VC-1 problem done soon.
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    An easier method to convert HD-DVD to Blu Ray

    Tools Needed:
    -TsMuxer 1.3.6b (must be this version)

    This guide will give you only the main movie, which is all you really need.

    Assuming you have your HD-DVD ripped and on the your hard drive:

    1. Run TsMuxer
    - Open main movie (FEATURE_1.EVO)
    - APPEND any addition EVO's that might be associated (FEATURE_2.EVO)
    - Uncheck any unwanted audio streams, first stream is usually English.
    - Select a destination directory
    - Check DEMUX
    - Click Start Demuxing.

    In around 20 minutes you will have seperated the audio and video streams.

    2. Still using TsMuxer
    - Remove the EVO's from the last operation and select your VC-1 stream you just created.
    - In the pop up window to select your file you will want to select (All Files *.*) at the bottum. This is so you can see the audio stream as well.
    - ADD the audio stream.
    - Check M2TS
    - Select a destination Directory.
    - Click Start.

    3. At this point play your m2ts file. Check for audio sync. If your happy move on to step 4. If there is a problem you will want to repeat step 2 but adjust the audio delay value just below the audio/video stream window. I had this problem with 2 Fast 2 Furious. I used 1000 ms and fixed it right up.

    4. Open TsRemuxer
    - Open your m2ts file.
    - check the audio & video streams.
    - Check Blu Ray Disc
    - Select a destination directory.
    - Click REMUX

    THAT'S IT!! You now have a properly formatted Blu ray disc ready to burn.

    Using Nero 8
    - In the project window Select Blu Ray
    - Select Blu Ray Disc (UDF)
    - Click the UDF tab and choose manual Settings
    - Select file system version (2.50)
    - Click NEW
    - Drag the BDMV and CERTIFICATE folders into the project window and BURN.

    I have a Samsung BD-P1400. It will only accept BD-RE media. The discs created worked flawlessly. I have also tried them on a Sony BD-S300. I am awaiting the results of playback on a PS3.

    It may be possible to skip step 2 and create an m2ts file right from your appended EVO's. However I noticed audio sync problems when I tried that. The added step of seperating the audio and video streams seemed to work the best for me.

    With a faster processor the whole process excluding burning should take about an hour per title.

    Good luck & have fun
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    Thatis really funny that your method works,because your streams are not blu ray compliant. They have pulldown flags on them. I think you are lucky that the tested players just ignore them. Then what is the audio format of the audio streams you convert on your tested discs?Let me guess it is DD+.Than your guide works, but if you get HDDVD with not DD+ audio streams you will get no sound on the players(perhaps they will also ignore it.). Than the delay with 1000ms is right. I also found this that the english audio stream sometimes is about one second shorter than other audio tracks. That second is missing in the beginning so you have to delay it about 1000ms. I just can say to your guide you are lucky that it works. I think the guide was tested with up to 5 discs. Our guide was tested with more than 70. you can use yours I don't have a problem with that, and I think it is agood idea to post it, so that we can discuss it, but If you want permanently good results that will work everywhere take our guide.

    I forgot something to mention: the video you will get is in 1080i not 1080p because of the pulldown flags. Tsmuxer will show you that it is 1080i.
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    I was able to get Transformer converted over to Bluray, I burnted the files to my BD-RE and used Nero Showtime to play the disc on my PC .... everything worked great ... sound and video.
    Now when I play it on my PS3 all I get is sound and the video is black ...what reasons will the PS3 not play it when Nero showtime does ?