Converting DVD to Blu-Ray (Multi Discs)

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by hamisht, Dec 9, 2018.

  1. hamisht

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    Does anyone here have any experience of making DVDs into Blu-Ray format?

    I want to see if it's possible to put, say 5 DVDs onto one Blu-Ray and have one static menu to select which DVD you want to play..

    Would Blu-Ray format support DVD structures/menus? Or would I have to rip the video contents of a DVD and make new menus?

    Just to put into context, I want to put my Dragon Ball Z DVDs (each has 3-4 episodes, two audio tracks, and two video tracks for some) into storage, and just have a more condensed shelf collection for quick viewing/loading.
  2. rdgrimes

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    You need a full-featured BD authoring software that accepts DVD content. It will create new menus and navigation.
    I'd suggest you start by understanding what type stuff your player(s) will accept and consider a different goal. If your player can handle MKV files, you can put those on a thumb drive or data BD-ROM. Rip the episodes to separate MKV files and name them accordingly.
  3. hamisht

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    Yeah i've never been too keen on using external drives for media.. I like cases and covers.

    The problem with ripping and re-encoding to digital files, is that because the way the DVDs are authored it's not as simple as selecting one episode and encoding. There's two different video tracks for the opening credits, end credits and title cards.
  4. StoneyJSG

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    DVD Fab has a blu ray to dvd and dvd to blu ray option. I haven't used the dvd to blu ray, but have used the blu ray to dvd and it came out awesome.

    There's also ConvertXtoHD by VSO that will do the samething I think.
  5. Woodbuilder

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    There is DVDtoBD Express ( which converts the DVD items to BD items. But the complete authoring fails most of the time (maybe due to copy protections?) so you will have to create proper PlayItems, Playlists and menu links et cetera yourself with the individual m2v/audio/subtitle/menu files it extracted which will take a lot of time.
  6. Ch3vr0n

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    Vso software's convertXtoHd doesn't have enough such issues.

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