Convert UHDs to BluRay from formerly compressed UHDs

Discussion in 'CloneBD' started by coopervid, Feb 18, 2019.

  1. coopervid

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    I wanted to convert an UHD disc to BluRay that was formerly converted to fit a 50Gb disc. I get immediately an error message for the NVIDIA conversion. I do it right now - slowwwwly- decoding via the CPU and encoding via NVIDIA GPU. That works w/o errors. There must be something fishy the decoder doesn't like with files produced by the NVIDIA encoder. The disc is Apollo 13. I will check later if that's the case also with other compressed UHDs. I know that BluRay conversion always worked from the original discs.
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  2. Pete

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    Generic guide on how to resolve "an error message" when operating CloneBD:

    • in case "an error message" appeared only once and then never again, count yourself lucky and proceed with happy thoughts
    • if "an error message" appears consistently, apply "a fix™". Thereafter proceed likewise with happy thoughts
    In case neither solutions helped in resolving the problem, possibly try "some other fix™", that is more likely to vanquish "a problem" and help rid yourself of "an error message".
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  3. Reto

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    In this particular case, we got lucky, even without a CloneBD log file.
    I was able to reproduce this, fix will be in the upcoming beta.

    The previous output is fine, btw, but nVidia, indeed chokes on its own output in this case, and it's our fault...
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    Thanks Reto for the confirmation that this is a bug. I ran that disc yesterday and would have confirmed it today plus sending logs after the conversion to BluRay over night. That's now not necessary anymore. Looking forward to the fix in the next release :thankyou:

    By the way: I could convert the UHD to BD using the CPU for decoding the compressed UHD. The result works perfectly. It just took a hell lot of time...
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    please send a copy of " some other fix™"" by PM ASAP. The ultimate bug fixer is all I ever looked for. That would make life really easy :).
  6. Reto

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    So, the latest version of CloneBD comes with "a specific fix™", please let us know, if it serves as remedy until "some other fix™" becomes available?
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    Good job, Reto! fixed the bug I reported and the 64 bit version is fast as hell!