Convert existing video files


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It would be great if CloneDVD mobile would have an option for converting existing video files as well as converting DVDs. The 2 other DVD 2 Mobile video applications I have used before had this option and I used it quite frequently.


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I agree, I would like to be able to convert dvr-ms files to mp4. I have tried other programs and nothing compares to clone dvd mobile.


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dvr-ms to divx, etc.

There is one program I've found that does it well, and fast, and with a batch converter.

PQ DVD to iPod converter.

But, it doesn't have a provision to remove commercials, or do any editing, other than remove the front/end of the clip.

I can see this as a feature that Slysoft could add without much cost, as dvr-ms files are MPG2 fils in an ACS (?) wrapper with some metadata that describes the program.

VideoReDo has some good functionality for editing MPG2 files, but the cost is $50 and I think that's a bit steep for such limited functionality (it doesn't convert to any format - you have to keep the format you start with)

Good luck - I know I've come-up wanting more. Somebody will get it eventually.