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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by jaberico, Mar 20, 2008.

  1. jaberico

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    Movies for PDA ?

    I use CloneDVD mobile to convert my dvd's to Avi, but I would like to see movies on my PDA (runs under windows mobile 5 with a resolution 240X320 with Windows Media Player 9 for pocket PC). How should I make my movies so I can see them on my PDA?
    Can anyone help me please ?
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  2. Spanky

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    The generic WMV/WMA will play on my PDA media player, but it is experimental and it stutters on mine, maybe it will play on yours.
  3. Jill

    Jill Support Team Staff Member

    Did you try the "Windows Mobile Smartphone" profile? That one works for most PDAs.
  4. jaberico

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    My PDA doesn't recognize the avi extension and woun't play the movie but it works if I convert to WMV/WMA but thanks for the reply.
  5. jaberico

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    PDA movies

    My PDA doesn't recognizes the avi extension but plays the WMV/WMA so thanks to everybody for the replys
  6. Spanky

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    Jaberico, the media player will limit you bad on what you can play on your PDA, I use Nero Mobile Pro and has codecs that can play just about anything and it’s only $15 US.

    I know this might be third party software stuff but it works so well with so many CloneDVD mobile profiles, I’ll take the chance.
  7. nwl

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    On my iPAQ Pocket PC, I use the free Core Pocket Media Player. Trying many different codecs, bitrates, etc, I have found MP1 Video/MP2 Audio to work the best for me.
  8. jaberico

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    Thank you for the info I will try it nwl
  9. jaberico

    jaberico Member

    Core Pocket Media Player works like a charm,thank you for the tip nwl