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Continuation of a DVDFAB thread


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Jan 29, 2007
To continue a discussion with Skeeter and Charlie.....

On the AnyDVD forum, Skeeter said:
"I posted this the other day, but will be a little more specific now since I wanted to wait until I had a copy of Open Season to make sure. I have used this combination since AnyDVD first came out and have never had a problem once James updated AnyDVD for a particular movie.

AnyDVD + DVDFAB Decrypter + Shrink

I get a perfect copy of the entire disc everytime. Worked with SAW III like I previously posted and just worked backing up Open Season. DVDFAB is the free version, so I hope this helps some."


I see this and downloaded the current free version of FAB here:

What concerns me is that it seems to have its own decripter, and I've read elwhere on these boards that it conflicts with AnyDVD as they both try to decrypt. So how are you doing this? Are you turning off the decrypter in FAB? Can you do that?

Also... when launching Fab... it seems to want to go on the internet (I notice this because I have a dial-up). What's it up to? I'm always leery of adware and such from "free downloads" that want to go online for no apparant reason. AnyDVD will "phone home" to check for free updates... but it doesn't try to go online if you're not already connected.

I've used DVDFab for years and have had no issues with it...I doubt that Fentao would put any kind of malware in his program. The connection to the internet is probably just searching for an update just like AnyDVD and many other programs do.