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Connecting Hard Drive to PS3


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Feb 18, 2007
Does anyone know if a hard drive can be hooked up via usb to the PS3 and watch ripped movies from that hard drive. Another possiblity I was thinking of was transferring the data files from a ripped BD-RE to the hard drive on the PS3-any ideas?
AFAIK PS3 supports only FAT32 formatted USB drives, so you'll bump into the dreaded file size limit.
No also suports ext3 formatted drives as it suports linux.
No also suports ext3 formatted drives as it suports linux.

ya got the catch 22 with that..ext3 only when ps3 is booted with linux, then ya can't watch any hd (easily), the only thing the xmb supports is fat32 (which is another reason why the ps3's media capabilities are crippled)