Congratulations For This Initiative

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by stemik, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. stemik

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    In the name of all past-present-future members and owners of slysoft products, we welcome AND THANK this initiative and good work from slysoft. This way it will be more convenient for both members and slysoft to solve and evolve slysoft products more organised than everyone posting messages in other forums.

  2. camaroguy1998

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    I have to agree, I look forward to Slysoft forums being a thriving community!

    Thanx Slysoft!
  3. JOJO

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    To Gordon and the entire team.....
    I've wanted to thank you all for your dedication in this field.
    While so many software companies nickle and dime us for every update..
    you folks offer us upGRADES....sometimes 3 or more times a week!

    Thank YOu for you continued support and generousity!

    All The Best!
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  4. Sense

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    A big congratulations to taking the professional step in setting up your own support forum.
    I have tired of viewing threads of users that basically were heckled with the implication that they were using keys that were not purchased and a lot of genuine questions going unanswered.

    I believe Slysoft to have programs of integrity that work well for me and that I purchased.
    If a new version may have a glitch on a particular computer or OS, I would rather have a possible suggested workaround instead of allegations of using a key that does not belong to me.

    So I sincerely thank Slysoft for taking this initiative and look forward to a forum where questions are dealt with in a respectful and professional manner.

    Your products are great and this proactive approach to marketing will enhance the number of users who like to participate in quality forums that support their product.

    I wish you many years of success and feel far more comfortable as a user of your products to get answers from the source.
    All of the other forums that I participate in are in a quality professional environment and that is what I believe forums are all about.
    Exchange of helpful information and not a playground for heckling.( I need not say anymore, as I am certain it is well known what I reference here.)

    Way to go!!!!!! :)
  5. Microburn

    Microburn Member

    Thank you all at Slysoft!!

    slysoft makes the best products out there and is always constantly updating the products Simply put the best products period!!

    Thank you!!:clap: :clap:
  6. BBill

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    Sense-AMEN Brother!
  7. Hardass

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    I have been hoping for this and now it is here. Very welcome site. Thanks.:)
  8. hac

    hac New Member

    Just read through this forum quickly and it is truly a terrific idea! I use slysoft and recently bought clonedvd2 they work great, easy to use and do the job much faster than other products I have used.
  9. Seeker2

    Seeker2 Member

    I agree with everything everyone else has posted. Following up great software with a dedicated forum is the natural course of events.

    I wish this forum, and the software it is dedicated to, much success!

    Thank you Slysoft!!
  10. rayals

    rayals Member

    SlySoft rocks! They are always on top of the newest DVD issues and now they have their own forum! This company Knows how to treat it's customers! My hat is off to the team at SlySoft! THANK YOU!:) :) :) :)
  11. schbusdrvr

    schbusdrvr Active Member

    I love SlySoft products and really look forward to visiting this forum site often. Thank you! :clap:
  12. huttyputt

    huttyputt New Member

    This Is Great

    After months of reading doom and gloom (micro$oft) you great people come along with a site that is positive, bright, uplifting and all that other great stuff. Oh, and your products are great too.
  13. cheesie

    cheesie Member

    Nice to be able to go to the source for our problems
    Thanks SS team:bowdown:
  14. IrishLefty

    IrishLefty New Member

    I fully agree. Great product - great people.
  15. Garnet

    Garnet New Member

    Money Well Spent

    Been using the Slysoft bundle for a few years. I had a problem with a Disney DVD last year. Did the clean DVD disk and drive thing. No luck... Did a reboot to hopefully resolve the problem. When I came back up, I got a "AnyDVD Update available" flag. After Installing, the DVD ripped with no problems.

    I'm Impressed!!
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  16. khlb

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    SlySoft: :bowdown:
  17. jojoe

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    can't say enough good about these people. I have never asked a question that they could not answer. Thanks a million:bowdown: :bowdown:
  18. misako

    misako New Member

    Thank you and congratulations

    A magnificent effort by a superb company clearly responsive to your users. You are the best and deserve high praise and total success. Please don't change, except for the better. you updating policy is much appreciated and you are my choice over all others.
  19. In total agreement. Thank you much.
  20. Sud Med

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    Bonsoir, je suis ravi de m'être inscrit sur ce forum ; longue vie à lui !:clap: