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    Hey Users,

    this one's from you cracks to us noobs.

    I have Cyberlink PowerDVD 7 Ultra 7.3.3516 on my HTPC, along with AnyDVD HD latest version TRIAL. I don't think AnyDVD has anything to do with this yet, but here goes.

    I used to be able to play movies with PowerDVD in 5.1 via SPDIF on my soundcard. After downgrading to 29something to retain the backup playability, I now cannot play any Blu Ray title back in 5.1 anymore, as SPDIF does not remain selected in PowerDVD. It always defaults back to stereo when I play a movie, even though it plays this via SPDIF still.

    I am using Vista Home Premium 32Bit.

    How do I get my 5.1 playback back. I tried with POTC 1 and NATM. No go .....

    Also, it seems that PowerDVD 7.3.3516 will not play backups anymore ( yeah, I know, covered elsewhere already ), so I use IMGBURN to make ISOs and play them mounted with MAGICDisc.

    BUT, the ISOs play without sound, and I get only green picture on POTC 1.

    I read somewhere that this was due to POTC 1's mastering, as the Blu Ray DVD I have doesn't play either on my HTPC. Works great on my PS3 .....

    So, could someone please make a STICKY on the following items :

    Which movie works with which version of AnyDVD HD and which version of Cyberlink PowerDVD 7 Ultra ( HDD folder, ISO, drag & drop of MSTS file ). Kinda like individual tutorials for seperate movies in one post.

    Oh, and in case one is wondering why I want to make backups when I own the DVDs - simple, I have a HT in my basement with XBOX360 HD DVD and PS3 Blu Ray, but I just updated my TV to an HD Ready Plasma in the living room, and I want to watch my Blu Ray / HD DVDs upstairs too without having to get the whole shebang all over again .....

    OK, I have since tried some different approaches, and I have come to the following conclusions :

    When I open PowerDVD after a clean system start / reboot, it WILL play the movie via SPDIF in 5.1 - if I eject / stop the DVD, replace it with a different one and click PLAY, PowerDVD either dies ( freezes ) or plays the movie WITHOUT audio .....

    If I want to play backups from my HDD, PowerDVD does not let me ( I realize this has been this way since a few releases ago ), so I have to make ISOs from my backed-up directories. I have tried to make an ISO direct from the DVD, but every time the layer break is reached, IMAGE BURN encounters an invalid drive state and aborts the process.

    Can anyone confirm you really have to rip the DVD first,or is there a method I'm not seeing here ?!??!


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