Confirming this is how you find the right playlist in obfuscated discs

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    I've read the sticky on this several times, but it's not quite clear to me and there's no images illustrating it. So I'm checking I've got it right:

    If AnyDVD says (444) is the good playlist here:
    Screenshot 2021-12-04 123109.png
    Then I use this file in MakeMKV with the 000444 mpls
    Screenshot 2021-12-04 123211.png

    Previously I used ProcMon and PowerDVD to find the right playlist while playing the ISO. But that's not working with some discs now. And I just learned that AnyDVD finds the right main title playlist. Is this new? Have I missed this for five years?
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    You have indeed missed 5 years, yes that's how Anydvd mentions the proper playlist. There is the rare occasional hiccups but it's about 99% accurate.

    Procmon is indeed obsolete too. Soon after people started using (and more logically exposing) that method, screenpass protection (what playlist obfuscation is called ok BD's) got updated to nullify that method.

    Basically the updated version uses cached playlists. This means the player loaded the correct clip sequence under the playlist number of an INCORRECT PLAYLIST. Thus when ppl then used a tool that didn't properly decrypt the protection, and used that playlist number, they were loading the wrong playlist.

    There's an easier way that makemkv though. It's called CloneBD. It reads anydvd's magic, only shows the real playlist candidates and hides the fake ones in an easy to use interface.

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    I use MakeMKV to extract all the extras and trailers and make sure I've got all the audio tracks too. Does CloneBD do that?

    I'm looking at the CloneBD product page and it doesn't say anything about playlists. It mainly says it "CloneBD lets you copy any unprotected Blu-ray to your hard drive, or any blank Blu-ray disc. " Am I looking at the right program?
    RedFox CloneBD | Blu-ray Copy
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    I'm trying it right now, and it's pretty neat. Wish I'd know about this earlier. Will try it more in the future when I've got more discs to process. :)

    Thanks for your help.
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    You're looking at the right program. Anydvd does the decrypting, CloneBD does the processing (to disc, mkv or mp4). Just try it, it's pretty similar to CloneDVD2 and can be considered CloneDVD2 and CloneDVD2 mobile combined into 1, but then for blu-ray.

    It's even free to use for anything that does t trigger the transcoder (aka no compressing requiring, no removing of subtitles...)

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    Though it creates a BDMV folder with m2ts files, and I want MKV. Will have to see if that requires conversion in MKVToolNix and if this ultimately saves me time or not.
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    Then you're picking the wrong option. After loading a disc in clonebd, your screen should look like this


    See those 2 smaller buttons (1 blue 1 greyish because the cursor is over it) with 1 having a phone on it? Click on that one, then pick the mkv option from the drop-down where the image above says 'apple'

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    Thanks. I thought the disc option was the way to go, because I didn't want to compress it to a smaller file for an iPhone. :)

    I'll give that a try now and see how it goes.
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    Yeah... The file options seemed always well hidden to me as well. We all hope that the next release keeps DolbyVision in MKV files which is not the case currently.
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    Yeah but what's an mkv? A compressed file usually.. Now on the free version you can create lossless copy (leaving the mkv will be roughly the same size as the original disc). That can be done without a watermark with the free version. If you want for example to create an mkv around 8gb in size with the free version you can but there will be a visible watermark in the video. That's the only limitation.

    That watermark goes away with registered versions

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