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Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by grtming, Feb 10, 2008.

  1. grtming

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    Recently I decided to upgrade my DVD burner from a Pioneer 106D 1.07fw to a Samsung SH-S203B. It seemed the logical thing to do. Installed a PNY SATA PCI card and the S203B. No problems with the install or drive recognition. AnyDVD HD sees the drive the computer sees the drive.
    Now the problem, any time I insert a DVD into the 203B AnyDVD starts to scan the disc but then locks up the computer. I have to disconnect the 203B drive cable to get the system back. If I disable AnyDVD HD for that drive I have no problems. I can put a DVD into the Pioneer and burn it on the Samsung with CloneDVD2 without issue and no lock ups.
    I don't think this is a hardware issue but I could be wrong. Checked every post I could find that might be related but nothing helped. The system only locks when AnyDVD HD tries to scan that drive.
    Any thoughts?
  2. Bill101

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    Is PDVD or other player launching when you insert your disc?I had a similar problem until i disabled auto start on PDVD.It does sound like some kind of software conflict.
  3. grtming

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    No other programs are launching when I insert a DVD. AnyDVD starts its scan and locks up, the computer won't do anything until I disconnect the SATA cable from the Samsung burner. Then everything is back to normal. I have had no other conflicts or lock ups with any other programs that access the drive including PDVD,NERO or Win Media player v11.