Compressing a Blu-ray Disc to 25 GB

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  1. Vincenza

    Vincenza Active Member

    Hi there
    Im currently backing up a Blueray onto my hard drive. And Im wondering how to compress the result so that it fits on a blank blue ray.

    I read on the link that using CloneCD still keeps all the copy protection. Am I doing it the right way, or do I need to do something completely different?

    Apologies if this has already been asked.

    Thanks in advance
  2. Vincenza

    Vincenza Active Member

    Ive managed to create an iso image of the disc.

    How do I compress it so that it fits onto a 25gb disc?
  3. njr

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    Compress blu ray down to 25gb

    As far as I know there is no CURRENT way to compress a 44Gb blu ray disc down to 25Gb.

    Blank 50Gb Blu Ray discs are £17, I've just bought on to try.
    In theory, this will be a straight copy.

    Really we are waiting for DVD Clone/DVD2One for blu rays. Hope they come soon !
  4. therivetman

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    Buy a rewritable...make a copy of all your original movies files to practice with. Then before long you'll be telling us how to do it. Rewritables are the only way to practice.