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Discussion in 'Third Party Products' started by dtsig, Feb 11, 2007.

  1. dtsig

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    Using MediaCenter I record some movies off cable. Movies that you just can't get on DVD etc. The problem is that a standard movie is huge. For example i just recorded 'Only Angels Have Wings' and the dvr-ms format is 7.670 gig. Using VideoRedo (a great product) i cut off the bits i didn't want and saved as Mpeg. Now the movie is only 6.035 gig <G>.

    Now I can use divx to get it down to 3-4 gig, but would really like a way to get it down to a 'mobile' format sized like mobile does.

    I could problably write it out to a disk then try mobile (I haven't tried this yet or know if it will work).

    But was wondering if there is any way to get mobile to look at the mpeg file and compress it down.

    If not that might be a wonder addition to the product line for us that record off cable.

  2. Rusty257

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    use nero recode. nero products are wonderful......not as great as sly but.. You can import your movie files and recode them to fit any size file you wish.