comprar programas AnyDVD, clone DVD y clone CD

Discussion in 'AnyDVD HD (Blu-ray issues)' started by sharpei, Mar 23, 2008.

  1. sharpei

    sharpei New Member

    Hola, tengo una duda, en lugar de comprar la licencia del programa, puedo comprar el programa en su cd original?. Si es asi decirme donde se puede comprar.
    Otra cuestion que deseo preguntaros es si con el clone CD puedo grabar DVDs, aunque imagino que blu-ray no.
  2. windsorr

    windsorr Well-Known Member

    don't think that the original CD is availble...think its for download only...The company is based in Antigua and making the CD would be difficult and could also cause legal hassles...

    You do not need a CD...if you want a CD with the program on it...dowenload the file and burn it to can also burn your key there also once you have purchased it...

    You will also get a better response if you can post in English...I can just about understand your question but unable to answer in spanish,.,.
    cheers rich...
  3. windsorr

    windsorr Well-Known Member

    to answer your second question to grabar DVD you will need ANYDVD + DVD shrink 3.1 which is available at many sites,.,,do a DVD shrink serach on Google...dont pay for DVD shrink..its freeware./...