Complaint about the performance of anystream promised on their forums that is not reality.

Discussion in 'AnyStream' started by rosmander, Jan 9, 2021.

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    Good I open this post, because apparently I have broken rule number 5 which is true that I did not read it, but it turns out that I am only asking because they indicate that anystream downloads web-dl from netlix and it is not like that. I have purchased a lifetime license and I feel ripped off, but I can't seem to complain or claim to feel ripped off. I have read and re-read multiple posts where they indicate what Netflix can offer, and that is not true, anyone with knowledge knows that it takes advantage of the vulnerability of Widevine L3 and that as Netflix does not broadcast at the highest quality in that protocol we cannot obtain the highest quality available, since for that we would need to start the Widevine L1 protocol. So they are promising things in their forum that are not real and people like me who have spent a fortune feel really ripped off. In addition, google is in the process of patching this failure in the Widevine L3 protocol, so when that happens we will be unable to download. I do not think it is fair to close a post simply for asking a question or complaining about something that is not what they promise.
    It can be downloaded from any platform in the world using Widevine L3 manually and that's why I know what I'm talking about.
    I expect a response from a creator of the program and not an administrator who does not know about technical things that I am talking about, thanks.
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    IT DOES DOWNLOAD AND DOES NOT RIP!!, i use this software all the time and compair it with my other rips and it does 100% download and decrypts, thats what i said @Ch3vr0n :)
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    AnyStream downloads the stream directly from the streaming provider CDN network, there is no encoding or ripping involved. If the provider doesn't make your HDR enabled stream available to AnyStream, then it can't download it. It's that simple. If you encounter such a title, you need to provide an anystream logfile so the developers can take a look at it. That's the only thing possible that can help.

    Any discussion about the technical aspect of things falls under confidential information and will not be discussed either. These are orders from MY forum bosses. You will not get a more detailed answer than that. Not from any moderator, not from redfox developer staff.
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    I am not complaining about the HDR, I am complaining about the poor bitrate that the Netflix program gives, due to the way you indicate that they obtain the data flow, I can show you that you are not right just by linking two posts that are totally prohibited and I won't do it, but please don't make me see what it's not. Just go to a series with the netfix windows 10 app and run CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + D and you will see the actual broadcast bitrate. Then open Microsoft EDGE and run the same Netflix chapter, and do the same key combination, you will see that the bitrate that shows is the one obtained by anystream, with which, do not tell me that it is the one that Netflix emits because we both know that It is not like this. I feel cheated and I want the revocation of my license and money, because they do not give what they promise in their forum and it is always the fault of Netflix as they indicate that it is the quality that it gives ... and no ... it is not the quality that Netflix gives and whenever I want I can show it to you privately. In order not to put here links surely prohibited by the norms. Since I have been scammed, please, I ask you not to fool me over the top.
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    Why did you come here? You had a chance to try this program before you bought it if you bought it. Sorry, you feel the way you do but, we give all the prospective customers a chance to try out this program. Look through every thread, no one feels the way you do. Again I am sorry you didn't use the trial to your advantage. Now enjoy this great program.
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    its because he wants 4k hdr (AKA The best quality possible) and this tool cant do that thats why hes complaining about it!!
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    He could have very easily found that out in the trial.
  8. Ch3vr0n

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    He wants 1080p + HDR.

    Now, in regards to your license, there's a 21d trial to see if the program suites your needs. Sounds like you didn't use it. I'll tell you this one last time. How "the scene" does things and what their respective file sizes are is IRRELEVANT to AnyStream. Stop comparing AnyStream to it. The "scene" is known to use custom settings for x264 (video), their own settings for audio... etc which results in different bitrates. Both of those have an impact on the bitrate and final file output size.

    What NF or AMZ make available to their native apps, is just as irrelevant. What they make available to full fledged browsers like Chrome/FireFox/Edge, is just as irrelevant. AnyStream uses (for a part) a chromium based browser (at least for the amazon side). That's not the same as a full fledged standalone browser. Please stop expecting AnyStream to do what you thought it would do, but doesn't meet your expectations. You had a chance to use a trial period, you should have used it. There's also the very clear fact that NOWHERE on the AnyStream product page does it state that AnyStream supports HDR of any kind. Just because YOU want it to, and see it in a browser or native app, doesn't magically make AnyStream support the additional video track information required for HDR support.

    Now for the last time, if you think a title isn't being made available to AnyStream like which is possible to a full browser, you need to POST AN ANYSTREAM LOGFILE. Without it, the developers can't help you.

    That's the end of it. The ball is in your court.
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    Have to tell everyone that I'm not looking for 1080p hdr, just say "by my fault" that the download weighs the same as the web-dl that are on the network, what happens that you have to take into account, that Netflix now in browser It is starting to broadcast in vp9, which makes the bitrate lower, the bandwidth lower, so the weight is lower, but the quality is very good. To put ourselves in the situation, let's say I put the queen's gambit chapter 3 on my lg oled c9 from anystream and it looks great, without a single pixel or in completely dark scenes. This is what you are telling me, that in apps they broadcast in one way and in the browser in another. I have to apologize since chapter 3 in the scene weighs 1.7 gigs and in anystream 700 megabytes but the quality is enviable. With which I agree, and if it is my fault for not having tried netflix before in the trial period and having tried only amazon. You also tell the staff that I know how to decipher all the platforms out there in the same way that anystream does, at the moment none have resisted me, and hbo has for me the best series, although its streaming is true that it is of poor quality , It would be a hoot to add it in the future, I can help if you need it since it is very easy to get web-dl from it through CDM. Also say that some colleague has asked me privately how to get Netflix videos, and I'm sorry to tell you publicly that I can't answer that, if you need the video, buy the anystream app, which is the same quality as the videos I can get. I will not reply to private messages to remove content from the platforms. Only the staff members do not mind helping them if they have doubts, although they will surely know more than I do about it.

    Happy new year to all and forgive my heat, I hope you can forgive me, lately I am not going through a good stage of my life.

    Greetings and what you need here you have me, I understand a lot of all this. Thank you so much for your attention.
  10. Ch3vr0n

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    Again, what's available pirated on the internet is entirely irrelevant. Custom codec settings, custom tools = custom scene output. None of which AnyStream can control or should be compared to

    We don't have to put that into account, that's a factor beyond AnyStreams control. And for the record it happens on the amazon side too, and is done with the current pandemic in mind to avoid network congestion due to all the extra ppl working from home.

    No that's not what i'm saying, i'm saying you need to stop comparing AnyStream to how native apps behave. Usually the same content is offered to anystream as it is to browsers and native apops. If it isn't, AGAIN you need to provide an anystream logfile. No logfile = no help. End of story

    None of us said anything like that. What i said was that MY superiors gave out explicit orders to shut down posts talking about technical aspects of AnyStream and proprietary information. That is all

    HBO support is on the streaming provider support request list. No guarantees ANY of the suggested ones will get added.

    No, that's blatant piracy and again in violation of forum rule 5.

    If you can't or won't say names in public asking for piracy info. PM one of the staff members like myself, Redfox 1 or SamuriHL. We'll look into it

    Cause you can't remove content from platforms, unless you work for NF or Amazon.

    We'll assist in how to use AnyStream, but we certainly won't assist with scene related Web-DL's.

    We all have such periods.
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  11. Prospere

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    As the program's creator, I am much tired of re-iterating the most straightforward thing - technical details of AnyStream are not to be discussed in this forum. It is entirely irrelevant what one assumes regarding the internal mechanisms implemented in the program, regardless of whether those assumptions have any connection with reality or not.

    AnyStream indeed has certain limitations. Some of them will be removed in the future, and some will remain intact for various reasons (technical or not), which are entirely irrelevant and will not be discussed in this forum.

    We highly value our customers; therefore, we have no reason to hide the information on any existing limitations. Such information is available on our website and this forum (although, without technical details, which some may find annoying, but completely logical).

    We are open to feature requests and suggestions. However, we cannot guarantee implementation thereof, nor any in-depth clarification of why specific feature requests/suggestions are denied (we strive for transparency, but the reasons may be not destined for public discussion).

    We appreciate your understanding.
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