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    I would like to ask for help finding a non-tecnical article comparing various formats and the pluses - minuses? Beyond the 'help' descriptions in Clone DVD mobile about file size... Specifically info about least degradation over time of the different formats. And in CloneDVD mobile, comments about the Quality slider; is it just file size or does picture really improve greatly when upped from the default setting in each format? [The format extentions sticky by 'lostinlodos' from 2007 seems to be equipment specific, rather than format specific.]

    Using backups from DVD ISO archive files, i have used several formats [below] Looking at side by side viewing from a Synology DX712+ network media server over WiFi to a DLNA network blu ray player, then HDMI through a Marantz receiver to a 50" plasma monitor [also HDMI]:

    size NTSC 720x480
    Generic DIVX .avi,
    Generic Mpeg2 pass through
    Generic Mpeg2 Re-encode [when pass through will not work]
    size 480x270
    Apple ipod touch .m4v
    size 1280x720 ATSC
    Apple TV H264 AVC [upscaled from the DVD file original 720x480, NOT from an HD original]
    There is a minor improvement between the iPod touch 480x270...not as much as I had expected.
    There is a noticible sharpness improvement when upscaling from viewing .avi to viewing the [ATSC 1280x720] Apple H264 .m4v

    However, I don't know if this is only anecdotal to the program materials I tried:
    • classic BW in All Quiet on the Western Front
    • modern FX in Bourne Identity
    • recent in Smallville season 10 Finale
    The Synology DX712+ media server allows a mounted drive so I can view direct from the ISO archive file. However, :eek:I find navigating the TS folders cumbersome, requiring mounting of each disc. I prefer seeing the title onscreen with the Blu Ray player remote with .avi or .mpg, rather than guessing which file in a TS directory is the right first starting chapter [...especially if there are 4+ titles on the ISO image].

    DIVX .avi seems to be okay, and I would like to hear that it will remain stable over time. [Just as ISO is considered better for archival storage than DVD files, that are more subject to degrading over time.] AVI is a 1992 MS multimedia technology. Will it likely remain supported with network streaming over 10 more years on new devices? Is it stable over time?

    [No other search of the forum seemed to cover my questions, but I could have just searched ineffectively.]

    Sorry to be so bogged into detail...but each component the stream passes through affects quality...and more info seemed the way to go to ask the questions; though I am requesting layman's answers. Is there a better route I should be looking at to easily stream to a large monitor? For some films lower quality formats may be okay, but for new FX laden or wide vista films, I may choose hi quality & the large file size that comes with that choice.

    • Win 7 professional on Toshiba Portege R700-ST1303 laptop
    • Norton 360 security suite
    • Synology DX712+ NAS [& media server]
    • Netgear WNDR3700 Dual-bit N-router
    • LG BD390 Blu Ray [& DLNA Network player]
    • AnyDVD 6910
    • CloneDVD2 2930
    • CloneDVDmobile 1800
    • Virtual Clone Drive 5450
    • Synology Mounted Drive
    Finally thanks, and in exchange for help, for those who are interested in detail about broadcast standards, NTSC-PAL-FILM, I found & offer this :cool: English language [and German option] web page It does inform well and talks about conversion between the standards!