Commercial interrupts in DVDs?

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    translated via web-translater:
    IBM has announced a patent for a technology with which DVD films can be interrupted by advertising insertions. What is the horror of every home cinema fan, the film industry sees as a welcome source of income. With " system and method of providing advertisements during DVD playback " the patent application which IBM has submitted to the US patent and brand office is entitled. The technology is interesting, above all, for the DVD rental company and functions about a certificate system: With the insertion of a DVD the data carrier would be checked for suitable certificates stored there. Depending on whether one has got, according to the idea of IBM, the advertising-free noble version or the favorable variation of a lending film home, the film is interrupted by advertisement or not. The advertisements can be contained on the data carrier themselves or become about the web gestreamt. Zweiteres would entail that even in older film classics topical products can be recommended.
    It is the argument with possible lower rental company prices also with which one wants to make the thing to the final consumer tasty. Even a commercial model with completely free rental company filming is conceivable - then according to a lot of advertisement one would get to see. With most home cinema fans the plans might provide for shaking of the head. They pay the rental company fees yes to be able to see topical Blockbuster at the familiar home without irritating interruptions. For the film industry plans IBMs have of course her charm: Big Blue speaks in the patent application of "advertising revenues that are not being tapped", so possibilities in advertising revenue which was not exhausted up to now yet.

    maybe this could be interesting for any-dvd's next generation ;)
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    It won't get through. Who wants to buy a player which puts commercials through your viewing? That's one of the reasons why people get movies, because the ones they show on tv are usually full of ads.
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    While I agree with you what happens if all new players incorporate this and as older ones die consumers are forced to buy these new ones?

    Secondly, we already are forced to view ads. Generally they are trailers for other movies and we can't skip them. Some DVDs, however, such as Resident Evil, have ads for cosmetics which is most likely due to Milla Jovovich's contract.

    Throwing in commercials is not that far beyond the insane amount of trailers we see on existing DVDs or the sickening 10 minutes of ads we now see before a movie begins in the movie theater. At least with trailers we might find them interesting. The ads just piss me off. I should pay less to see a movie in the theater if I have to sit through those 10 minutes of ads.

    I can't complain too much, though, since I actually go to a theater maybe once a year for a specific movie. I cannot stand the ads, I cannot stand idiots on their cellphones, I cannot stand idiots who won't STFU and I especially cannot stand people who bring crying infants and young children to the theater. I pay money to see a movie and not have my blood pressure skyrocket. No offense to parents out there but if it isn't a rated G movie get a damn babysitter!

    I'm not saying I expect the Industry to actually do this but I honestly wouldn't be shocked in the least of they did.
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    I still don't see it happening. It kind of reminds me of that patent Sony (???) tried to get. Maybe some of you might remember it, the DVD player phoned home when you played a burnt disc. I cannot remember the exact details but there was quite a bit of phone homing :p.

    Which is why I always edit my DVDs to the max. I cannot stand the crap they put on DVDs.

    Please, don't get me started. I love movies but I cannot stand to go to the theatres anymore. Too many people on their mobile phones, too many little teenagers who want to talk instead of watching the movie, too many parents bringing their kids...

    I went to see Transformers and had a family with 3 kids under the age of about 5. One was in a pram. During the whole movie the parents took turns to walk in and out of the cinemas each time the baby cried. They have specific sessions for families! Why don't they use it?

    I should stop now. See what you have done to me? :p
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    I remember the original DivX thing but not what you're mentioning. Must be my senility.

    Likewise. :D

    LOL ;) Sorry! :p

    But, yeah, I avoid the movie theater like the plague.
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    Anyone remember the original Divix (self-destructing movies on DVD) ?
    This isn't going anywhere.
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    I dont think this will be welcomed by the People as they by DVD at more rates for having god Picture quality and nice sound effect not for having advertisement in the DVD. That is not going to be good.