Combining Multiple Chapters into Single File

Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by Orionys, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Orionys

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    Maybe this is more of a request:

    Within CloneDVD mobile, under output method, there is a selection for producing separate chapter files. That would be splitting up the single Title files into multiple files for each chapter within the Titles. Couldn't we have another option of combining the multiple Title files (instead of splitting) when capturing a DVD with multiple titles? My goal would be to produce a single file output from a single DVD separated with multiple Titles. Specifically my kid got some education DVD's for his home school and they produced this thing with each sub lesson into a title instead of chapters. We'd like to play the single file for the daily lessons on his Media Center in the living room without having to go and play all the individual files (18 for the day).

    Appreciate the consideration in advance.
  2. Ruthhelena88

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    I am in the same boat. I have several children's DVDs that are compilations of several shows. It would be nice to merge the 10 minute segments into a much longer one.
  3. Recycle

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    I think what your asking is something like DVDBuilder or something like that will reauthorize the files to a single chapter. What your asking of ClonedvdMobile is something it only convert to another format. Those two questions your asking is different from what clonedvdmobile is set to do. So you might want to check on dvdbuilder and see if it fits your needs better.
  4. Frank

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    Create one VOB via "pass thru"

    Use VOB File (passthrough) in CloneDVD mobile when encoding the movie from the original DVD format. Also make sure to not have a check in the box about breaking the output files into individual chapters. You'll end up with 1 single VOB.