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    Sorry, I don't speak French and had to use an online translator to get the idea of your problem.

    There are 2 types of forced subtitle:

    1. HD-DVD - they are known at the beginning and will be saved as xxx_FORCED.SUP. BDSup2Sub is called to convert all xxx.SUP to BD format xxx_EXT.SUP

    2. Blu-Ray - they are embedded in the regular subtitles and only known after eac3to has run. you can see this in eac3to_pass3.log. if they exists BDSup2Sub is run to extract the forced out, and are stored in the format xxx_FORCED.SUP

    On the options screen you have a field for subtitle order:


    Now the .META file for tsMuxeR is rebuilt and based on the subtitle order all _FORCED.SUP (ord _FORCED_EXT.SUP) are now stored after audio, but before all other subtitles.

    If the 1st subtitle prefered language exists (probably FRENCH for you) so SUBTITLE_FRENCH_xx_FORCED.SUP then this will trigger auto force - ie changes the movieobject.bdmv.

    You can check the forced logic is working by the presence of files called _FORCED.SUP, and the order of the .META file is slightly different to the order you actually selected in pass3.

    Hopefully this makes it abit clearer for you. Perhaps someone can translate this too ?
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    Merci pour votre réponse.
    J'ai refait un test sur le seul Blu-ray en ma posession qui possède des sous titres forcés (la momie 1).
    Si je décoche les sous titres dans clownbd, il me note en fin d'extration (32eme passe d'eac3) -> aucun sous titre forcé trouvé.
    il n'y a pas de xxx_FORCED.SUP dans le dossier d'extraction.

    (online translator ) =>
    Good morning
    Thank you for your answer.
    I did again a test on the only Blu-ray in my posession which has forced subtitles (the mummy 1).
    If I deselect subtitles in clown db, he notes me at the end of extration (3eme pass of eac3)-> no under found forced subtitle.
    there is not of xxx_FORCED.SUP in the file of extraction.
  3. mike_r

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    Mummy 1 does not have forced subtitles.
  4. Aphykit2006

    Aphykit2006 Well-Known Member

    mummy 1 (french version).
    With Powerdvd9 , subtitle french appairs grey, after the regulars subtitles.

  5. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    v0.49 (2009-05-05) Fourty Nineth Public Release
    . Fix small bug in parsing HD-DVD subtitles that had no language or type
    . Updated Dutch language. Thanks Pl4yit.
    . Removed "Sniff for text 'Aborted at file position'..." changed added in v0.48 as madshi changed eac3to to cater for this. Thanks madshi.
    . Removed THD radio button, as this was no longer needed since 'As-Is' was more likely to be used.
    . Repositioned As-Is checkbox & parameterised the text (needs to be translated into local language)
    . Removed PathToBDSup2Sub from INI as this is now embedded in Clown_BD anyway.
    . Updated eac3to version to 3.16 & BDSup2Sub to 3.52
    . Now forced subtitles works in batch mode too
    . Included -speedup/-slowdown options for subtitles
  6. Aphykit2006

    Aphykit2006 Well-Known Member

    With X-men 2 , Clown find forced subtitle. IT'S WORK ! super

    Avec X- men 2 (Bd) il a bien vu les sous titres forcés, donc, ca fonctionne et c'est super.
  7. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    v0.50 (2009-05-07) Fiftieth Public Release
    . Blu-Ray forced subs didn't correctly work if no forced subs were cound in previous file. thanks to 0xdeadbeef for fixing so quickly.
    . Added drag'n'drop for file/folders in options & step 1
    . Updated German language file. Thanks BurnerHead.
  8. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    v0.52 (2009-05-08) Fifty Second Public Release
    . Rewrote the entire GUI dialogue. Should be smoother now
  9. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    v0.53 (2009-05-11) Fifty Third Public Release
    . Updated German language file. Thanks BurnerHead.
    . Updated Italian language file. Thanks Dr4ko.
    . Updated Dutch language file. Thanks Pl4yIT
    . Don't try to connect to console for BDSup2Sub, Blu-Ray fixes or IMGBurn calls
    . Don't throw an error message when get console text fails, disconnect and try to connect again
    . StatusBar text no longer showing. Thanks for FastEddie for pointing this out
    . Introduced strict Java version testing. Thanks to 0xdeadbeef for the info
    . Added link to Java versioning. Thanks to Bluer
    . Made tsMuxeR 1.10.3 / eac3to 3.16 minumum version
    . Fixed small parsing error on eac3to warnings. Thanks jj666
  10. elvagabonde

    elvagabonde Member


    est que clown bd transforme automatiquement pour graver sur un blu ray 25G???

    combien de temps faut til plus ou moins pour faire le travail?????

    merci des reponses.
  11. Aphykit2006

    Aphykit2006 Well-Known Member

    Non, il ne transforme pas, mais il y a quelques tutoriaux pour réduire la taille du fichier.
    Maintenant, c'est très long.
    Sans réencoder, de 1 à 2 heures suivant le film et le PC
  12. elvagabonde

    elvagabonde Member

    ah bon donc avec ce programme je ne c pas reduire un blu ray de 50g sur un de 25?????

    en faite il permet unikement de retiré tout ce kon ne vt pas graver sur un blu ray c ca?

    car en faite le film qui fait 23,9g et kan je le 'passe' par clown bd il ne fait plus que 18,9g

    et aussi ensuite kel fichier dois gravé avec imageburn?
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  13. Aphykit2006

    Aphykit2006 Well-Known Member

    En gros, mais j'ai du mal à lire ton 'orthographe' !
    Le fichier iso = image disque gravable direstement.
  14. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    No major changes...

    v0.54 (2009-05-15) Fifty Fourth Public Release
    . Added new verion checking feature, that downloads on startup
    . Added checkbox to revoke above ability if you don't wish to allow internet access
    . Updated German language file. Thanks BurnerHead.
    . Updated Italian language file. Thanks Dr4ko.
    . Updated Dutch language file. Thanks Pl4yIT
    . Updated French language. Thanks pseudo555.
  15. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    v0.57 (2009-05-18) Fifty Seventh Public Release
    . Bug in generating .meta file when audio is TrueHD & user selects CORE as output. Thanks to gigah72 for spotting this
  16. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    v0.58 (2009-05-19) Fifty Eigth Public Release
    . Decided to implement Vicky Christina Barcelona fix. Basically, if the input source is 3.0 channels DTS you can't use eac3to to convert to AC3.
      the workaround is - download AFTEN
      unpack the exe that matches your processor x32 or x64 normal SSE2 or SSE2 into the .\AFTEN\ directory that Clown_BD makes for you.
      that's it.
    . Changed BDSup2Sup to v3.71
    . Changed About link back to Slysoft forum whilst home page is out of action.
  17. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    v0.59 (2009-05-20) Fifty Nineth Public Release
    . New homepage. Thanks to damnskippy for saving the day
    . New feature, toggle shutdown at end over the tool bar. Particularly usefull if you change your mind part way through processing
  18. Lynx

    Lynx Moderator (fr)

    hello mrr19121970,


    Just an idea... it's possible to adding one option for exporting on mkv file ?

    i'm not sure, but it seems to me that exists in the functions of eac3to.

    kind regards


    Juste une idée... est-ce possible d'ajouter une option pour exporter en fichier mkv ?

    Je ne suis pas sûr, mais il me semble que cela existe dans les fonctions de eac3to.

  19. mike_r

    mike_r Well-Known Member

    I think eac3to can do this, but you need to have plugins installed and working. I think this is best kept separate from Clown_BD, as it's not really mainstream. Most users just want a movie only BD.
  20. Lynx

    Lynx Moderator (fr)

    ok, no problem ;)