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Closed Captions to Subtitles conversion

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by cgb, Apr 15, 2007.

  1. cgb

    cgb New Member

    I know this is probably not possible with CloneDVD yet, but this would be a nice feature to have. My problem: Since english is not my mother-language, I like to read the subtitles along while watching a movie, this helps a lot in understanding the movies, especially if actors mumble, talk fast, etc. A lot of discs have english language subtitles ONLY as Closed Captions and not as a DVD-subtitle-track. I can't imagine leaving off one tiny subtitle track saves a lot of disc-space, but that's the way it is with most sitcom DVDs (Frasier and NewsRadio for example). My DVD-player does not have a Close Captions-decoder and watching on the PC just isn't the same.

    There are some tools around the net to convert Captions to Subtitles, but I did not find anything that doesn't at least require 8-10 steps to do this task which seems rather simple. CloneDVD seems the right program for me to provide such a feature. Or does anyone on the board know of a simpler solution that can already be used today?