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  1. ron.b

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    Just a quick one, does anyone still use ClonyXXL for backing up Games or is
    there any thing better these days?

  2. ron.b

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    Does anyone still use ClonyXXL for backing up PC Games
    Or is there something better these Days?

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    ClonyXXl was never used to back up games. Th program was used as a means of identifying the copyright protection. Once you had that you knew what settings to use on programs like CloneCD
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    Never heard of that.
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    ClonyXXL are an very simple tool!

    In older Versions, ClonyXXL figure out how the copy protection works. But actually, in the latest version (its very old too) was this feature removed by the developer.
    Legal Position in Germany changed and this feature declared as not legal.

    Years ago, ClonyXXL and the old CloneCD v4 were the best way to make copies of games.

    But the time changes and software too ... and the "great" copy protections :)
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    Hi SGC
    Thanks for your reply, the version of Clony XXL I have is quite old now and what is does is to scan the disc and find any protection. It the tells you what the protection is and sets up Clone CD to copy the disc. But as it is so old now and protection on PC games has moved on as well it can no longer cope. It still does music OK though.
    I have looked for updates for it but without success.
    I wish Sly soft did some thing for backing up games but they dont and thats a pity.
    If you or anyone else knows of software that can back up games successfuly I would be gratfull to Know.

    Thanks very much for your interest.

    ron.b :)
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    Do not create multiple threads on the exact same topic please. :policeman:
    Thank you
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