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Discussion in 'CloneDVD mobile' started by Rigor Morton, Mar 12, 2007.

  1. Rigor Morton

    Rigor Morton New Member

    I've tried to transfer original DVDs to my son's PSP, but nothing seems to work.
    The firmware is original 2.5, so there's actually only one option and everything should be simple. :confused:

    I've used CloneDVDM:s default settings with all the three options and copying via USB, but PSP keeps on telling 'No videos'. What's the trick?
  2. wazithim

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    If you purchase a PSP as new, the pack should contain details of the software download for 'Sony MEDIA MANAGER for the PSP' & an activation code within! It is neccessary to have this software in order to transfer 'CloneDVDMobile' converted video files, onto the PSP. This is because the file has to be encoded again, within the 'MEDIA MANAGER 'program, before transfer to your PSP Memory Stick, in order for the PSP to recognise & play it!
    Simply, copying the converted video file straight from your hard drive to the PSP E: drive will not ever work.:doh:
    I hope this is of some benefit to you?
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  3. knf67

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    This is incorrect. :disagree:

    If you connect your PSP to your computer (or you memory stick in a reader) and view files like an external removable drive, you will see a folder called MP_ROOT. In that folder should be one called 100MNV01. It is inside this folder that you will need to copy the movie file from your hard drive.

    Remember that the format for the file's name must be M4V10001.mp4 where the only thing that can change is the 10001 number (to differentiate between movies). The thumbnail picture name must match, just with a different extension: M4V10001.thm

    . 100MNV01
    . . M4V10001.mp4
    . . M4V10001.thm

    P.S. you should connect up to the internet with your PSP and download the latest firmware
  4. Rigor Morton

    Rigor Morton New Member

    Thanks for the useful information! :bowdown: I guess my problem was renaming the movie files too logically. And the firmware update was a good point too, of course.:clap: