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  1. d.chatten

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    CloneDVD mobile Revision History

    Version 2007 08 08
    - new: added antialiasing to subtitles to improve readability on
    small displays
    - fix: with selected subtitles, CloneDVD mobile crashed on some
    - fix: MP4Box.exe didn't work under Vista, so PSP full resolution
    files weren't created - workaround implemented
    - fix: a bug in mencoder.exe resulted in faulty MP4/AVC files
    - fix: PSP high resolution profile with 720x480 screen ration
    changed to proper 3:2 to allow zooming with correct
    results. Also added black border filling, because the
    PSP will not allow any other resolution but 720x480 in
    this mode
    - several minor fixes and improvements
    - Updated languages
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  2. DrWhoIs

    DrWhoIs Member


    hi, i tested the subtitles again and the readability is a bit better but there are many artifacts now to be seen in the subtitles
    i included a screenshot to demonstrate...

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  3. Matt

    Matt Well-Known Member

    The charge log isn't clear, so I'll ask the question - does this fix my subtitle transparency issue?
  4. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    No, I still have absolutely no clue, how this happens - seems to be a very isolated problem too, after all this is the only disc that it has been reported for.
    I'll have to wait for the disc - this can take up to a few weeks, sorry, but it's a little tricky to get R2 discs to Antigua...
  5. videohandyman

    videohandyman New Member

    Everything worked great until I updated my registered app with Now I can't record anything. I'm trying to copy one of my dvd's to be able to watch it on my ipod and the program no longer works.

    Error data:
    DVDManager 5 13 IFOFormat 13

    I hope you can resolve this so I can record again.

  6. videohandyman

    videohandyman New Member

    Ok, it seems I was premature in my diagnosis. After running windows restore and restoring to the point before clonedvd mobile and after anydvd, it still did not work. I restored back before anydvd and I can record again.
  7. DrWhoIs

    DrWhoIs Member

    is it possible to add a magnify by x% option for the subtitles or not?
  8. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    I don't think so.
  9. ivanX

    ivanX Translator (ru)

    Got it updated and working nicely, thanks.

    A question though, if I may. Has, at any stage of CloneDVDMobile's development, it been considered to implement a capability for the software to be able to write files created from those profiles back (I guess quality-loss-free is too much to ask) to a recordable DVD? I happen to use a third-party bit of software that I won't advertise here that does it, but I would like to see this feature be incorporated into CloneDVDMobile.

    It does make sense to me to have it and I'm sure I'm not the only one...:)
  10. sej7278

    sej7278 Well-Known Member

    i don't see the point of that - you either create a divx that's about 4gb in size and just burn that (and play on a player than can handle it) or use ifo passthru, or preferably clonedvd2 instead of mobile.

    to create a 700mb divx and then convert that back to mpeg/ifo to create a dvd-video seems like an abomination!

    i can see a point in being able to output mpeg2 to make svcd's maybe....
  11. ivanX

    ivanX Translator (ru)

    CloneDVD allows you to just make the images of DVDs. It also has the option of burning those images onto media.

    The reason I suggested this was because I'm sure plenty of us have downloaded TV shows etc in AVI and MKV (not so many) containers. It would be nice, since you can create AVIs in CloneDVDMobile from DVDs, to be able to burn AVIs onto DVDs to create a proper DVD discs for any player :agree:
  12. Bruce65

    Bruce65 New Member


    I agree with Ivan there would be a huge advantage to be able to condense several original DVD movies onto one DVD5 disc and play them on any standalone player.
  13. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    There are many, many DVD authoring programs out there, just waiting for you to buy them (pinnacle, ulead, adobe, ....). They all take different formats as input and allow you to create DVDs with menus to navigate and all that...

    That is a completely different task than what CloneDVD mobile does - it doesn't really belong here.
    It's not so much a transcoding thing, it's about DVD authoring.
  14. ivanX

    ivanX Translator (ru)

    But CloneDVD allows you to create images of DVDs to store and if, later, you want to recreate the original DVD then you can do so in CloneDVD.

    Why the same "From discs to HDD and back to DVD again" concept cannot be applied to CloneDVDMobile?
  15. sej7278

    sej7278 Well-Known Member

    well strictly, anydvd is ripping the original dvd, once it goes through clonedvd2 it gets compressed and loses quality, unless you use vob-passthru, but that's pointless.

    if you just rip the original and store that as an iso or VIDEO_TS files on hard disk then yes you can burn at a later date back to the original without losing anything (on DL disks), but that has nothing to do with clonedvd2, and clonecd is better suited to do that anyway.

    because when using mobile, you're losing a huge amount of information and quality and indeed converting to a completely different format (divx instead of mpeg). if you again convert that back to mpeg to put on a dvd, then you lose again. that burned dvd will be nothing like the original you ripped using anydvd.

    fitting two dvd5's onto a dvd9 is about authoring as peer says, and you could kind of do it using dvd shrink and/or nero iirc.
  16. Peer

    Peer Redfox Development Team Staff Member

    Again: this would be a task, that is not even really related to what CloneDVD mobile does. It would require the development of an entirely new (DVD authoring) application.
    Definitely not a simple (or even free) "addon" to CloneDVD mobile.

    Now, this is moving way off topic - I suggest, if you want to continue a discussion about this, do it in the "general discussion" area.
  17. ivanX

    ivanX Translator (ru)

    Both CloneDVD and CloneCD can do the job. They are products from different companies and I have both so it doesn't really matter which one I use.

    A standard size for a rip of an episode of a TV series is about 350Mb. Having used 3rd party software in the past to put AVI onto DVD I noticed very little in terms of loss of quality. The software simply upscaled the resolution to DVD standard (720x576, if i am correct) and proportionally increased the bitrate of video, while preserving the audio which is cool by me.

    I'm not trying to fit 2 DVD5s onto a DVD9, but rather fit a bunch of AVIs onto a DVD5 or DVD9.
  18. derfalte

    derfalte New Member


    Hi everybody out there, when comes the next update for clone dvd mobile?
    I have some bugs in the PSP mode (incompat. Files, yes i tried to fix the device.ini)and still miss a coustom firmware M33 support. Now who Dark Alex is gone. If you want 2 be the best in the scene you have to fix these little bugs a little bit faster (i still know it must be not easy) but otherwise there are a lot of freeware tools and nobody pay 30USD (like me) for your fine tool.

    Sry 4 my bad english (i only speak german and russian)
  19. Skuzzle-butt

    Skuzzle-butt Active Member

    I really like the new 3 pass scan, video quality is much better.

    A couple suggestions. The two and three pass method should show the total processing time, not just the time for the last pass. Also, on the Output Method window, the tab controls don't follow a sequential path (top to bottom, left to right). They jump around in a non-intuitive manner.

    A couple items I mentioned before: A disk rescan should blank out the 'file name to save' text box (save last directory though). Retain last settings for output size and quality.
  20. Skuzzle-butt

    Skuzzle-butt Active Member

    Came across another bug. I was using the generic DivX 3-pass mode, then I switched to the VOB pass-through mode. The program remembered the 3-pass setting and applied it to the VOB process, even though a single pass is all that is required. The same file is made three times before the program indicates that the process is complete.