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  1. bisymom

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    When I tried to make a back up copy of Stranger Than Fiction and now Borat my computer turns off after about 5 to 10 minutes into the copy process. Just shuts off, without warning. I've never had this happen before and have copied many DVDs before and since the Stranger T F. I'm decrypting with AnyDVD. Help!
  2. bilbo65

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    Pferhaps you're overheating. Maybe cleaning your intake and fans will help.
  3. bisymom

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    I had thought about the overheat thing but it seems to only happen when I try to copy these two movies?!? Really weird. I've used 1Click to copy DVDs until recently and never had this happen. Have used CloneDVD2 with success but not on these two. Any other ideas?
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    @ bisymom,

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    A couple of reasons for uncommanded computer shut down are ->

    Poor ventilation/cooling problems as Forum Member bilbo65 suggests.

    RAM Memory Module Going Bad

    Impending Power Supply Failure

    Also it is a go idea to check for possible Virus/Trojans/Spyware problems.

  6. SanAnto

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    I backed up stranger than fiction just fine but borat is giving me problems. I'm having the same exact problem you are. It restarts about five min. in to the decryption process. This only happens with borat. I backed up movies right before and right after and yet borat is the only one that triggered this problem.

  7. bisymom

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    I took the overheating problem to the next level and created a REALLY well ventilated environment for my laptop then tried to copy Borat again and it worked! It seems as if certain movie DVDs cause this overheating problem when others don't. This never happens during general use. Thanks for the info.
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    You're welcome....:D