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CloneDVD2 Video quality Vs DVDShrink quality...


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Jan 28, 2007
I bought both AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 as a combo deal but never actually compared the quality to DVDShrink with Deep Analysis + Sharp... Reason why is that people say Shrink gives better results. Anyone actually compared both?

Anyone actually compared both?

Yes. Many have

Clonedvd2 is more compatible with Anydvd, so this is your best solution for backing up movies with Anydvd. Clonedvd2 is faster at transcoding than Shrink. Clonedvd2 allows you to retain menus over split discs, unlike Recode and Shrink. Nero Recode and Shrink allow you to split discs anywhere (not just at chapter markers). Shrink's transcoder (picture) quality is superior to Clonedvd2 provided "advanced analysis" is selected, at the cost of a longer time spent transcoding to produce that improved picture quality. You can of course rip using Clonedvd2 and import that rip into Shrink if you wish. If you like Anydvd, it's best to have Clonedvd2 in your arsenal to ensure compatibility in the event an issue should arise.
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Seeing as DVD Shrink is now so old and no longer legally available, it is never updated, so your lucky if it ever manages to work at all as most films out now make it go t**s up with 'Invalid Navigation' this or 'Cyclic Redundancy' that.
Know what I mean...
If you are using a 32" TV or smaller, you'll never see the difference....:agree:
You would think Clone would give better results... Oh well, maybe on the next update :D. I really want to start using this one because it looks better and is faster, but I'm not willing to sacrifice quality yet.
Shrink is too slow. I see no reason why it has to analyze files twice. I have never been able to tell a difference in quality between Shrink or CloneDvd. Even if Shrink were slightly better, the time saved using Clone would be worth it. :agree:
I am not fond of transcoding--and I am especially not fond of encoding (because of how long it takes). I feel this is a far better method (if you can afford to do it):


I even prefer splitting across two single layer discs than having to compress video.