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    I installed CloneDVD2 on Windows Vista Business 32bit It works great the dvds play no problems. But went CloneDVD is done writing the dvd it will not release the dvd rom I have to use the task manager to exit the program and to eject the dvd I have to manually restart or shutdown the computer to get the dvd to eject can anyone help
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    End of burn hang

    There are several things to consider for this scenario.

    It is likely that a firmware update for your burner/writer might help you.

    It looks like your writer hangs at the end of the burn. Using +R media might work, too. Update your burner's firmware (if available)

    CloneDVD may be hanging on the "success" .wav file at the end of the burn.
    Click on the preferences tab in CloneDVD, blank the "successful completion of operations" box, and see if this resolves your problem. You can use the browse button next to it to reinstate success .wav

    What Anti-Virus product are you using? There are some that can interfere with this "close" phase of the process.
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