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Jan 30, 2007
I understand now it is recommended that if you wish to rip a dvd to the hard drive,you should use CloneDVd and not AnyDVD.
Can Anybody tell me why there has been this change?
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I'm thinking it is cleaner an unaltered, But if I use a third party compressor I use CD2 to rip as it is more compatible.
Yes, CloneDVD has a greater ability to fix (as it is ripping) purposely mis-structured DVD originals than the present version of FixVTS that is included in AnyDVD.

I think the problem is that FixVTS is a great tool but it is designed to fix structure protections statically and it is difficult to implement it's magic into a program that wants to "on-the-fly-fix" errors during the active ripping process.

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Thats great.
I am now pretty much in the picture.