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Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by turbo4dohc, Jul 16, 2007.

  1. turbo4dohc

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    1. This question has probably already been asked, but can clonedvd2 shrink movies like how dvdshrink does?
    2. Can I rip a movie with AnyDVD and shrink it with clodedvd2?

    Also, I want to keep the whole dvd and not cut any parts out. Burning to a 4.7gig DVD.
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  2. babeflover

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    yes, you can rip the movie to your HD with anydvd ripper and clonedvd2 will compress it to fit into a D5 dics. or you can just let anydvd run in the back ground to break the encryption and let clonedvd2 do the ripping and compressing at once. i do prefer to rip to the HD first.
  3. customshopkv1

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    For most movies that is going to be a lot of compression and your picture quality is going to suffer. You should try Verbatim +R DL and use cloneCD.
  4. Crusher

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    1. Yes, it can compress movies like Shrink, but does not have any quality enhancers like Shrink. It can make a quick compressed backup in about the same time with better quality than Shrink.

    2. Yes, you can rip a DVD to your HD with the AnyDVD Ripper included with AnyDVD, then convert it. Or you can also have CloneDVD create the backup straight from the disc while AnyDVD decrypts it.

    3. CloneDVD can do that the same as Shrink with better quality without the quality enhancers.

    These are not All-In-One programs like Shrink. AnyDVD is a state of the art decryption program, and CloneDVD is the duplicator that enables you to create you backup any way you want, except compilation DVD's. That is Shrink's one advantage.