CloneDVD2 "GO" box not highlighted on Output Method page

Discussion in 'CloneDVD' started by pdlightning, Nov 14, 2017.

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    After ripping a DVD, I have attempted to use CLONEDVD2 as usual. The first page selects the data location, NEXT is selected. The next page, NEXT is selected again. There is evidence the DVD content is loading as viewed through the preview window.
    On the OUTPUT METHOD page, the DVD WRITER tab is highlighted, but the GO tab is not and therefore unable to be selected. Am I doing something wrong? Been doing it this way for a long time. Thanks upload_2017-11-14_12-25-4.png
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    In order to be able to use the "Go" button you have to select the DVD drive to be used under the DVD writer section. But, as can be seen, for some reason no DVD burners are being detected.
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  4. pdlightning

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    Thanks. I rebooted twice and same issue. Reloaded CLONE DVD and same issue. Maybe it is my DVD drive and not software.
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    Could you post an anydvd logfile from a random disc?

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